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Internet Resources on World Religions

The Pluralism Project
The Pluralism Project was developed by Diana Eck at Harvard University to study and document the growing religious diversity of the United States, and especially its new immigrant religious communities.

Computer-Assisted Theology
This site provides an annotated index of Internet resources relating to theological studies, maintained by the University of Oxford, England.

Interfaith Calendar
Primary sacred times for world religions.

Islamic Calendar, Crescent Moon Visibility (U.S. Naval Observatory)
An explanation of how the dates of some important Islamic holidays are determined. This web page is an extension of the Naval Observatory's online chart of Phases of the Moon (The exact dates of Muslim holidays are dependent on actual moon sightings and regional religious authorities. This is the calendar of Islamic holidays preferred by the Muslim Students Association at UMass Amherst.)

The Qu'ran (and other Muslim texts)
The entire text of the Qur'an and other Muslim sacred texts online. Searchable by subject.

Hampshire Mosque
The web site of the local mosque in Amherst, Mass.

Understanding Hinduism
Extensive information about Hinduism, Hindu festivals, etc.

Buddhist holidays
Explanation and calendar of Buddhist holidays

Not Just Bibles
A guide to Christian resources on the Internet. This site has information on theology, philosophy, and different versions of the Bible. A plethora of information about Christianity.