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Our diverse religious and cultural traditions contribute immensely to the mosaic of the UMass Amherst community, providing myriad opportunities to learn about each other's customs and beliefs. Religious holidays offer some of the best and most colorful of these opportunities, but also some of the greatest challenges when we know little about each other's traditions.

Learn more about Judaism, Hinduism, Islam and Christianity by visiting the links
on our World Religions page.
(comprehensive, multi-year calendar of religious holidays)

Holy Days Calendar
(comprehensive and annotated listing of religious holidays for the current academic year;
compiled by the University of Southern California's Office of Religious Life)

Major Days of Religious Observance
(UMass Amherst faculty guide)

Jewish Holidays (
This excellent interactive calendar provides the dates and exact beginning times of all Jewish holidays far into the future (as well as for previous centuries).

Muslim Holidays (
The exact dates of Muslim holidays are dependent on actual moon sightings
and regional religious authorities. This is the calendar of Islamic holidays
preferred by the Muslim Students Association at UMass Amherst.

Hindu Festivals

The Hindu Almanac