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Freedom Seder Haggadahs

Here are copies of our Haggadahs (booklets) from previous years, if you're interested in seeing how they've evolved. All of the booklets are in PDF format, and range from 23-32 pages in length (approx 1.5MB)




2010 (27pp, 1.3MB)

2009 (24pp, 1.7MB)

2008 (24pp, 1.3MB)

2007 (23pp, 1.1MB)

2006 (23pp, 1.2MB)

2005 (32pp, 1.8MB)

2004 (26pp, 1.5MB)

2003 (26pp, 1.5MB)

2002 (24pp, 1.7MB)

2001 (27pp, 1.8MB)

2000 (27pp, 1.3MB)

1999 Haggadah cover (JPEG image)
(The body of the 1999 Haggadah isn't available online)