ICT Summit 2014


Information & Communication Technology Summit 2014

This is an important time for discussion and exploration regarding IT knowledge, instruction and skills needed within our curricula. It is hoped that each department will send two representatives. Together, we will:

  • Discuss and consider how technology has evolved within education.
  • Develop a unified strategy for student success.
  • Create a plan that supports needed competencies across the disciplines for each department.

This year the Information & Communication Technology Summit will take place on Thursday, March 27th from 8:30am until 1pm in the Campus Center Auditorium.

We invite you to participate in this year's ICT Summit. Collaboratively we can plan a successful future. To register, please fill out the form below. Thank you and we look forward to a successful, inclusive and rewarding conversation.




Time Activity
8:30 AM Breakfast & Introduction
8:50 AM

Genesis & History of the IT Program

Patricia Galvis Assmus, Director, IT Program

9:00 AM

Discussion: State of IT and Education

Julie Buehler, Vice Chancellor Information Services & Strategy, CIO

Stephen Cavanagh, Dean, College of Nursing

John Cunningham, CEO UMass Online & Vice President of Academic Affairs

9:50 AM

Discussion: What Competencies Do Students Need Today?

How well are we preparing our students?
What technology competencies are needed within each discipline?
How might we better integrate IT instruction to the benefit of every department, major and student?

11:00 AM

Discussion: Defining a Plan of Action
Carol Barr, Vice Provost for Undergrad and Continuing Education

12:00 PM Working Lunch


The Information Technology Program at UMass Amherst continues to fulfill its original goal "to combine the myriad strengths of this great university with the best technical means to extend them… to favorably affect the intellectual, social and economic base of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts".

The IT Program is aligned with the goals presented in the Joint Task Force on Strategic Oversight's status report. The program is engaged in advancing these major developmental plans from the report: Develop systematic ways to promote diversity, access and inclusion; Define the distinctive character of a UMass Amherst education; Build a campus climate that promotes curricular innovation; Develop a unified strategy for student success. The Information Technology Program is one of our important assets in making UMass Amherst a 'destination of choice'.


In 2002, UMass approved the formalization of the Information Technology Program. It became a reality following a meeting attended by faculty and administration representing all areas within our campus. As the years have passed and technology integration has changed, it is now time to revisit and reconsider what our needs are as educators and what is needed to support a higher level of learning.

Survey Results

We asked registrants to fill out this survey on the competencies that their students needed. Click here to view the results.