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The annual Information & Communication Technology Summit is a regional conference that brings together UMass and Five College students and faculty -- and the public -- to explore how Information and Communication Technologies are transforming education, academic disciplines, business, and our everyday lives.

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It is important to have a thoughtful, respectful and lively discussion on the status and participation of women and minorities in technical fields. This is the topic that the panel "Is Technology for All?" will be addressing.

Panel: Is Technology for All?

Nolan Bushnell - Technology Pioneer, founder of Atari, one of Newskeek's "50 Men That Changed America".

Christopher Perry - Award-winning screenwriter, director, producer & Professor of Media Arts and Sciences at Hampshire College.

Laura Scholl - Creative, technologist, educator - Atari, Disney, Sony Pictures, researcher at AT&T/Lucent Technologies Bell Labs.


Success at the Speed of Communication

Ryan Leslie - Grammy nominated recording artist, CEO intelligent messaging platform SuperPhone

Opening the Game Business to Everyone

Nolan Bushnell


This year's ICT Summit showcases the many ways that technology is incorporated and the possibilites it creates. Panels, presentations, industry exhibition and a career/professional networking event.

Journalism in the Digital Age

Digital Law & Policy

Human Rights and Tech: Key Issues and career Paths

News. Noise Misinformation

Visualization & Communication

Visual Analytics: A Modern View and Opportunities

Criticaly and Formalism for the Modern Designer

Designing with Intent

Maker Movement/ Maker Culture

Telehealth Technology

Eye Tracking: Collaborative Nursing and Engineering Research

Web Accessability: Inclusive Practices

The Last Think


The IT Program's annual ICT Summit has been re-envisioned for 2015 as a retreat to chart a path for the integration of information technology across the disciplines.

As part of considering needed integration of technology across the disciplines, we will also consider the charge of the Information Technology Program in order to ensure its viability and value to your program, the University and the Five College community.

As more students elect to enroll in the IT Minor, it is vital that their needs along with those of your discipline be considered. Currently, we have over 400 enrolled studens representing nearly every college on our campus. Our courses are offered by 26 different departments.


- How well are we preparing our students? - How to develop comprehensive, coordinated goals for curricular success? - What technology competencies are needed in each discipline? - How might we better integrate IT instruction to the benefit of every department, major and student?  

We aim to achieve a plan of action for how best to attain our goals and meet needs within our curricula. Your participation in this important discussion is needed for successful outcomes.


The ICT Summit 2013 examined Innovative Education and Applied Innovation within the disciplines of the Five Colleges and Beyond. Vendor Exhibits: Hitachi, USA:  Interactive Projectors Yellow Jester:  3D Printing Five Colleges Schools:  Virtual Computing Lab  Poster Session (Sample): Protect Out Breasts http://protectourbreasts.org/  ♦ Prototyping in Design - UMass Architecture Student Work ♦ Retinal Tracking - Performance assessment in Nursing  ♦ Open Window - A short animated film production

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Featured Speakers from Idustrial Light & Magic:

  • Michael Balog, Creature Supervisor
  • Robert Gianino, Creative Services Team at Lucasfilm & Senior Staff at Lucas Film Animation
  • Keith Kellogg, Animation Supervisor
  • Delio Tramontozzi, Animation Supervisor and CG Animation Department Manager


  • What is IT?:  Maria Tymoczko, Gale Barton
  • IT and Face to Face Education:  Randy Phillis, Chris Krueger, and Weh Lih Lee
  • Prototyping and the Design Process: Caryn Brause, Donna Cohn, and Susannah Howe
  • Massively Open Online Courses: Jim Kurose, Mary Lou Foward, and Nick McKeown
  • Open Science: Darlene Cavalier, Charlie Scwheik, David Bollier, Eitan Mendolowitz, Maxine Schmidt, Jane Fountain and Becky Sweger


Gather to consider creative technology for resourceful & pioneering applications in education and research. Digital Inferno A table top presentation of various IT related endeavors from individuals/ groups from the 5 College area in Western Massachusetts.

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Keynote Speaker-Douglas Trumbull

As Visionary filmmaker, innovator and entrepreneur, Douglas Trumbull has enjoyed a long and prestigious technological and creative career in filmmaking.

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The Information & Communication Technology Summit 2011 was a forum to discuss how we can cultivate an environment for a 1st class education. Exploration of collaborative paradigms in pedagogy and research that advance academia through innovative and wise use of information technology.

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  • Leslie Hawthorne - Open Source Outreach Manager at Oregon State University Open Source Labs
  • Youlanda Gibbons - Professor of Sociology and Liberal Studies at Georgetown
  • Kate James - Senior Manager and User Experience at MIT OpenCourse Ware
  • Dr. Ken Udas - Chief Executive Officer at UMass Online
  • Norman Bier - Associate Director, Open Learning Initiative (OLI) at Carnegie Mellon University
  • Elisa Lanzi - Director of the Imaging Center at Smith College & Five Colleges Intellectual Property Policies for Shared Media Committee
  • Charlie Schweik - Co-Director and founder at UMass Amherst Open Source Laboratory


Our vision for the summit is to ignite interest in collaborative and innovative efforts in education. We want to help create an academic environment that not only addresses the needs of our schools now, but to consider future solutions to the issues of the near future. We can not build a better tomorrow alone. A position that we, as a community, will place ourselves is to be a forerunner of new ideas and technologies rather than simply following the standards of the day.

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Keynote Speaker: Nolan Bushnell

Mr. Bushnell is a technology pioneer and is often cited as the father of the video game industry. He is best known as the founder of Atari Corporation and Chuck E. Cheese Pizza Time Theater. Mr. Bushnell is passionate about enhancing and improving the educational process and truly enjoys motivating and inspiring others with his views on entrepreneurship, creativity, and innovation.

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