Meeting Minutes

Title Type of Meetingsort descending Date
IT Steering Meeting 9-27-2013 IT Program Steering Committee 09/27/2013
IT Steering Committee 4-16-10 IT Program Steering Committee 04/16/2010
IT Steering Committee 1-15-2010 IT Program Steering Committee 01/15/2010
IT Steering Committee minutes 11/21/14 IT Program Steering Committee 11/21/2014
IT Steering Committee 4-26-2013 IT Program Steering Committee 04/26/2013
IT Steering Committee 5-28-09 IT Program Steering Committee 05/28/2009
ICT Summit 2011 5-6-2011 ICT Summit 05/06/2011
IT Steering Meeting 11-22-2013 ICT Summit 11/22/2013
ICT Summit 2011 8-25-10 ICT Summit 08/25/2010
ICT Summit 2011 12-10-2010 ICT Summit 12/10/2010


Steering Committee

Name Department E-mail Website
W. Richards Adrion Computer Science adrion@cs.umass.edu Website
Marilyn Billings Library mbillings@library.umass.edu Website
Steven Brewer Biology sbrewer@bio.umass.edu Website
Graham Gal Accounting gfgal@isenberg.umass.edu Website
Patricia Galvis-Assmus Art, Architecture & Art History tga@art.umass.edu Website
Traci Hess Operations and Information Management thess@isenberg.umass.edu Website
Robert Moll Computer Science moll@cs.umass.edu Website
Jon Olsen English jon@history.umass.edu Website
Jerry Schoen Water Resources Research Center jschoen@cns.umass.edu Website
Janine Solberg English jlsolber@english.umass.edu Website
Nikki Stoia Music & Dance nrs@cas.umass.edu Website
David Todd itadvisor@provost.umass.edu
Dave Toomey English dtoomey@english.umass.edu Website