IT Steering Meeting 11-22-2013


Traci Hess, Jon Olsen, David Todd, Steve Brewer, Jerry Schoen, Patricia Galvis-Assmus, Graham Gal, Nikki Stoia, Janine Solberg, Rick Adrion, TreAndrea Russworm (English) and Dennis Spencer


Friday, November 22, 2013

Current Events Recap

Meeting with new CIO Julie Buehler, Deans, Heads and Chairs meetings

  • IT Minor, Incorporating CCC, IT Across the Discipline getting support from Deans and Heads, and ICT Summit 2014 re-evaluating IT and the campus
  • Overall Response- Successful
  • Julie Buehler- wants to be at the ICT Summit 2014 and support it-Provide a more modular, comprehensive CCC in order to have every OIT employee take CCC

Funding Courses

  • Only one course supported at this time (ART 271 Intro to Computers in the Fine Arts)
  • Redirect funds towards IT Across the Curriculum

N.E.R.D.S. Event

  • Drupal Camp- incorporated event, mentoring program, Drupal meet-ups, and Brewer/Kelly Albrecht heading
  • Four day event, Friday-boot camp, Saturday(talks), Sunday-code sprint, Monday-ICT Summit?
  • Theme: diversity-gender equity, racial, etc.
  • Date/Location:  Campus Center, Spring, Easter , April 20th, or March 22, 23.

ICT Summit 2014

  • Date:  Thursday, March 27th 
  • N.E.R.D.S.-promote event
  • Buehler committed for the day of ICT Summit 2014, recommended to have her as Speaker



  • Res-Econ 112 - possible foundation for Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • Need faculty from COMM on IT Steering Committee


  • Count OIM 453 Business Intelligence and Analytics as a Technical Course?
    • Approved = Yes, Unanimous, Technical B    
  • All three OIM courses now taught every semester
    • 3 IT Minors (Non-Major) in each class
    • Criteria for approval-order of request and graduate date

Majors Only Courses

  • Previously, we required courses to let IT Minors (non-majors) into courses
  • Decided to revisit this issue at a future meeting

Listing of Courses

  • Update: course tracking with IT Program database
  • Asked members to review active courses in their Colleges/Schools
  • Assign Colleges/Schools to committee members to review courses-implement on web

Registration Issues

  • Ex. COMM 334 states -come to first class-Students don't know if they can get into course
  • Revisit policy for course approval in future-suggestion-online discussion about course approvals
  • Regularly check course offerings for new courses-split list between faculty
  • By March for ICT Summit 2014, review courses that are available in order to inform ICT event

Possible New Course      

English 302 New Media and Textuality, Integrated Experience, IT Minors-if graduating senior-may be allowed into course, enrollment of 35 students, Team based learning,

ICT Summit 2014

Date:  March 27th, Thursday

If we revisit past meeting from 2002 and visit what is the best course/ path, how do we do this?


  • Underscore importance IT Skills for all majors-showcase what departments are doing with IT
  • Need upper echelon administrators attend in order to show that they could help support faculty

Recommended Structure

A single event that seeks outcomes by end of the day

Discussed various recommendations:

  • Gear event to heads and chairs-smaller talks
  • Present issues
  • Feedback-where should we be?  What departments are we not engaging?
  • Prior to Julie’s Talks, Fill out survey         
  • Julie Buehler as Keynote?

ICT Summit Goal

Evaluate UMass Amherst and determine how  the IT Program can best support/collaborate with different departments on campus and beyond?

Who to Include

  • Julie Buehler
  • Alum-from industry or institution-get Alum to talk from each college/school-Don't necessarily need to be tech oriented people