IT Steering Committee 5-28-09


Carole Soules, Baird Soules, Janine Solberg, Michael Ash, Steve Brewer, Nikki Stoia ( Associate Dean, Advising HFA), Craig Nicholson, Patricia, & myself


Thursday, May 28, 2009
  • Jon Olsen was invited but was out of town.  He is in the history department and wants to be involved.  
  • Looking for courses to support, ideas, and recommendations
  • Possible candidates to teach for Freshman Seminar- Steve Fox; Journalism, Jon Olsen; History,
  • First 3 weeks Patricia will be teaching.
  • Who are the Freshman advisors?  How do I find this out?
  • Meet W/ Deans & Chairs about IT Minor Program.
  • During summer advising, there is a Dean’s talk.  Give Nikki pamphlets.  Find out who else should receive them.
  • Suggestions from Janine- IT for Prospective Teachers, Digital Imaging, Digital Storytelling
  • Michael Ash talked about “Agent Based Modeling”, he might also be interested in co-teaching.  Michael also mentioned” Musical & Audio Production” and that he knows a songwriter/music who he could speak with.   He sent info along about 3 ideas for IT minor courses.  He also sent along a syllabus for a course that his mother taught on “The Computerized Society”.
  • Janine suggested that we offer a more accessible, gentler than Python course / calmer than Java.  Needs to be pointed out to ie. Humanities.
  • Steve Brewer talked about building computer models into different curriculum.
  • Add to Declaration Form:  What other courses would you like to see?  What was your previous IT experience?
  • Carol Soules recommended a suggested course list if your major is  :
    • Ie. Humanities,  Biology, Education, Psychology, etc.  Brochure is unappealing and complicated.