IT Steering Committee 4-29-11


Patricia Galvis-Assmus, Nikki Stoia, Graham Gal, Steve Brewer (left at around 1pm), Jerry Schoen, Marilyn Billings, Traci Hess, David Todd


Friday, April 29, 2011

I. Announcements and General Business

ICT Summit Review

-Leslie Hawthorn (ICT Summit panelist) published a blog post that praised the summit


- One down side of summit was that the snow alert caused people to leave early.

Content and scheduling

  1. Keynote vs. Panelist:  50/50 attendees prefer of either.
  2. If we were to have a large group of panelists like the ‘Lightning Talks’ again, we should break the speakers into two or more groups so audience can absorb and enjoy the presentations more. 
  3. Lunch:  To avoid issue of running out of food at summit due to walk-in attendees partaking of lunch we need to state that lunch is only provided for registered attendees.
  4. Engage attendees by requesting they fill out a survey to find out more about them
  5. Turnout seemed disappointing due to the room size and number of attendees.  It was pointed out that the table setup was partly to blame for the perceived ‘low turnout’
  6. Survey potential attendees about date.
  7. Have a single host speaker to avoid issues of varying degrees of quality of presenation 
  8. Informed committee that she is open to suggestions for next summit. 



Have Summit in Fall-Some rationale is that we could dovetail summit into other events also, David mentioned that if we were to have the summit in the Fall, Dennis, IT Admin, could work during the Summer on the summit in order to focus more on IT Minor duties during the semester.  This was an issue concerning time & energy for the ICT Summit 2011 and Fall 10/Spring 11 semesters.  Time during semester discussed to hold the summit were Sept., October and 2/3 into semester.  Steve cautioned about holding the an event on a Saturday due to possible low turnout, while Graham recommended selecting a Monday holiday in which classes aren’t being taught, but offices are open.  It was pointed out that students would disappear for the three day weekend.

External Recommendations:

Invite businesses to loan tech to students prior to event to produce work and present at event.  Patricia said there was an attempt to do just that with Autodesk and Organic Motion for ICT Summit 2011, but it didn’t work out.  Invite faculty/students to show course work at event.   The question of supporting these initiatives was brought up.  Advice given was to have the IT Steering committee recommend support and look for corporate matching (Educational Enrichment).  There are many restrictions involved with monetarily supporting initiatives like the ones recommended, so we should research others who have done this in the past.

Open Educational Initiative

Marilyn reviewed history of OEI

Parameters for OEI: 

  • Find less expensive alternatives to text books.
  • Grant of $1000 for each proposal.
  • Deadline May 13th.
  • Notice of Acceptance of Proposals sent by May 16th.

Information Session Review: 

  • 20 persons expressed interest
  • Announced Creative Commons Fair Use workshop for May 12, 2-3pm in the Teaching Commons in UMass Library. 
  • There is a need for one more evaluator for the proposals for the various projects

Technology Drivers License

Provost is interested

Priscilla Clarkson (Comcol Dean) and Julie Hayes(HFA Dean) want to see it happen.   Priscilla in particular would like to see the drivers license created in time to conduct as a pilot program Fall 11 as an Honors 1 credit course. 


  • Bring into Provost’s new computer rooms by displaying a single question from Technology Drivers License test.    
  • Patricia wanted revisit question with committee of “Is this a worthwhile project?”
  • Several concerns for whether this initiative would be Honors only were expressed.  The general consensus is that the license should be for all students.  If the license was to be pilot program for Comcol for the first year, then expand beyond that in a year or two, then that would be a good plan rather than waiting a year or so to get started at all. 

Format:  Course or Test?  Modular format?

  • If the license were to be a 1 credit course, then have apply towards a three credit course in order to assist students in obtaining a makeshift 4 credit course.  The response to this was that faculty might not work with that model.
  • What is the benefit of license outside of school?
  • The license is similar to the IT Foundations Course concept, could this be a way to test out of Foundations ?
  • Should faculty and staff be required to take license test.
  • Question of continuing this project during Summer?  Yes.
  • Change name of Technology Drivers Licenses


  • Don’t use certificate.
  • IT Competency- general consensus was this was strongest.  Sets tone that licensee knows basics and competency would read better than literacy.
  • Computer Literacy
  • Basic
  • Technology Drivers License Program Goal
  • Establish and own or allow university to takeover?

RFP Update:

Proposal for Ling 409:  Formal Methods in Linguistics submitted.

Expected Changes for the IT Program:

The Vice Provost Undergraduate and Continuing Education position is open and a search for a replacement is in progress. 

Steering vs. Curriculum & Summit subcommittees

In order to not exhaust committee members by asking them to be a part of the IT Curriculum Committee, Steering Committee, and ICT Summit Committee, should we have separate committees and what are the options?

Options/ logistics:

  • Self Selected
  • Curriculum-Less frequent, regularly scheduled
  • Summit- increase in meetings as ICT Summit date is approached. 
  • Steering committee , then have a task force that addressing immediate issues


Keep open, because information learned at one meeting does/may inform faculty at other meetings. 

II. Curriculum

David Todd asked committee members to review his advisor report and asked for comments at some point in the future.

Courses Approved/ Reviewed Approval at ITCC Meeting

  • CMPSCI 391LI - S-Computer Crime Law Elective
  • COMM 397AB:  Convergent Media for Social & Political Movements - Broadened Inquiry
  • Previously approved, but have no paperwork.  Allowed for inclusion 
  • COMM 397M: New Media Technologies and Social Change
  • Already approved
  • COMM 497AU  The Future of the Information Society
  • Already Approved
  • EDUC 592A: Online Tools for Learning and Instruction
  • Course type reviewed and is now a Foundations course type
  • EDUC 592B: Introduction to Learning Media and Technologies
  • Course type reviewed and is now a Broadened Inquiry course type
  • FINOPMGT 397E-ST: Business Processes & Enterprise Systems-Already Approved
  • Journal 394W Web Design for Journalists
  • Provisionally approved, due to issue of it only being open to IT Minors who are Journalism majors. Elective(?)
  • LING 409:  Formal Methods in Linguistics-Technical-A
  • SCH-MGMT 597BI: Business Intelligence and Analytics-Already Approved

Section D: Policies Issues and F: “The Path Forward” of meeting agenda were shelved for the time being.