IT Steering Committee 3-4-11


Jerry Schoen, Nikki Stoia, Steve Brewer, Patricia Galvis-Assmus, Dennis Spencer


Friday, March 4, 2011

Opening remarks

  • Stated IT Minor Tracking Form is published on IT website
  •  Distributed Criteria for Approving a Course
  • Stated that list of Active IT Minors in available for IT faculty.   Access is allowed upon request.  NOTE:  Add enrollment form in ‘Instructor’s’ folder.

Discussed New Courses/ Renewals:  How to keep up-to-date on courses that should be included in IT Course Catalog.

Steve Brewer recommended:  BIO497F- Bio Imaging and several other courses.  Question was brought up of whether or not a non-BIO major could do the work?  Steve will look into.

Course Approval Process:  Revise original process to streamline it.

1st proposed revision to process:  Don’t require faculty to get Dept. Curriculum approval for initial proposal, just Chair of Dept. approval. 

Process would become: 

  1. Submit a syllabus with IT Minor Course Proposal Form with signatures
  2. Course will be reviewed
  3. If accepted, then faculty proposing course can go to respective Curriculum Committee for their review of proposal.
  4. Then faculty can submit proposal for funding (if desired)

2nd proposed revision to process: 

Steve Brewer recommended that students propose course path to quickly allow students to take new courses. 

                Patricia’s response:  Registrar needs to have a clear list of courses even though students have

issues with this model.

  • Steve’s response:  Issue of being a year or two behind in course listings for IT Minor
  • Patricia’s response:  Students might use “They said…” and then requested that this issue be tabled until there is a larger group for revising Course Approval Process.

Course needs:  Access/ Options Issues

What do we want from Technical Courses?

How to Find Out What Courses are Being Taught:  Is it possible to streamline process and how?

  • Nikki:  Review SPIRE and find courses that look interesting and submit for review, “live” search.
  • Patricia:  Self identify courses and contact departments during summer.
  • Search last four semester for courses of interest.
  • Jerry:  Find IT oriented faculty in individual departments to contact for help.
  • Patricia’s response:  Have tried to involve IT oriented faculty in past, but with little or no success.  Recommend contacting Chief Undergraduate Program Advisor in departments..
  • Nikki:  Identify Schedule Officer in departments and request help from them.

Review Courses for Official Approval that had been provisionally approved.

EDUC 5XX- Online Tools:

Approved for Foundations, 3 out of 3, Jerry withheld from voting

EDUC5XX-Learnig Media & Technology:

  • Approved for Foundations
  • Nikki- How many credits does course offer?  Prerequisites?
  • Steve originally saw courses as an elective, but Patricia convinced him that they should be a Foundation Courses since they introduce students to use of computers.
  • Patricia offered the notion of possibly funding these courses in order to have them during the Fall and Spring semester instead of just the summer.

COMM497UA- Convergent Media for Social & Political Mobilization:

Approved as Broadened Inquiry

SCH-MGNT 597BI-Business Intelligence & Analytics:

Approved as Elective.

Nikki:  Had a question about prerequisite language, “…or completing the IT Minor.”  What must major be?  Also she wanted professor to inform Advisor of reality of IT Minor students and their chances of signing up for course.


Approved as Elective.

Practicum Policy Review

  • Students may not receive proper education, need Quality Control
  • Request Independent Study Contract to evaluate quality of Independent Study
  • Addressing issue of allowing students to apply this allows students real world experience and apply it to their transcripts. Also, add that, “Student must submit fully completed and signed Independent Study Sponsor to #1 of “Proposed Policy on Practicum…”