IT Steering Committee 11-19-2010


Jerry Schoen, Jon Olsen, Graham Gal, Marilyn Billings, Janine Solberg, Robbie Moll,  David Todd, Patricia Galvis-Assmus, and Dennis Spencer.


Friday, November 19, 2010

Reviewed minutes from 10-22-2010 meeting

Discussed Foundations Course Waiver

  • Need to set criteria for Foundations Courses to better clarify for students and advisors.
  • Web publication for review.
  • Suggestion:  Use Computer Literacy Driver’s License as a test for competency.  If you pass, then you can waive foundations courses (Concerns discussed below).

Computer Literacy Driving License

  • Reviewed ECDL  (European Computer Driving License)
  • “Do we use the ECDL on campus or devise our own?”
  • General consensus was that we could devise our own, because if we use ECDL test, then we would be required to pay a percentage of money earned to the ECDL Foundation and the cost per test is around $47.  It would be more cost effective to create our own.

Question:  Could a student take the Computer Literacy test to test out of Foundations?

  • One issue was brought up concerning whether or not the test preps students for higher courses as well as a Foundations course? Graham stated no.  It was recommended that any computer literacy test should be created to acknowledge entire career of student if it were to allow a student to test out of Foundations courses.
  • Have a computer literacy test/certification as an option for all students, not just “techie” students.  Patricia stated that her overall goal is for this program to be campus wide, but for the immediate development of this project the focus should stay within the IT Minor.
  • Janine asked what the value of this type of certification is.  Potentially more money earned in lifetime earnings.
  • Nikki Stoia suggested that this computer literacy certification appear on student transcripts.

How to start Computer Literacy Test?

  • Pursue with Foundation Course Faculty (Graham Gal, Robbie Moll, and Bill Verts)
  • Bill Verts has written a book for his foundations course and should be a useful road map to use.  ***David Todd has borrowed a copy from Bill Verts for review.***
  • Suggestion for Comp. Literacy Test
  • Set up through OWL (ex. math placement test).  Nikki brought up the issue of student honesty for online testing.

Student Issues

 IT Brochure

David Todd stated that there is some confusion from students about the fine print in IT Program brochure due to its language.  Patricia reviewed what is stated in the documents that established the IT Program

The wording to be removed:

“You may count elective requirements of your major, but only one non-elective requirement toward the IT Minor.”

The wording will be changed to say:

“At least two courses beyond the foundations courses must be taken outside your primary major department”

IT Minor Student Listing

  • Graham Gal stated that he needs to have a list of all enrolled IT Minors concerning add/override requests to avoid from having other students “backdoor” their way into non-major programs.
  • Suggested Solution:
  • Have faculty call IT Office for each instance, or
  • Web based list of IT Minor students (Concerns: What information is needed and what is allowed to post, even on a secure web page? )  Dennis Spencer will investigate further.

Access to Courses that are Restricted to Majors

David Todd asked whether there is an understanding with IT Faculty to allow IT Minors to sign-up for IT courses via add/override forms—some courses seem unavailable to non-majors.   The general understanding, still, is that faculty is not obligated to allow a student into their course even if a student is part of a minor track.             

Renaming IT Committee

Patricia recommended changing the name of the IT Committee to “IT Steering Committee” to better reflect the role that faculty play in the IT Program.  Everyone agreed to the name change.