IT Steering Committee 10-22-2010


Jerry Schoen, Jon Olsen, Marilyn Billings, Janine Solberg, Robbie Moll, Steve Brewer, David Todd, Patricia, and Dennis Spencer.


Friday, October 22, 2010


A regular meeting time of the month was decided upon. 

When:  3rd Fri. of each month, 11:30-1:30am

            The dates for the rest of the semester are as follows:  Nov. 19th   Dec. 17th

Where: FAC 355

List of Courses Approved:

  • COMM  497T (Provisional Approval), Category = Broadened Inquiry
  • SCH MGMT 597? Business Intelligence and Analytics (Provisional Approval),
    • Category = Elective

Additional Consideration for Inclusion to IT Program Course Roster

FINOPMGT 397E Business Processes and Enterprise Systems

  • Instructor: Traci Hess
  • Spring Schedule - TuTh 2:30 - 3:45 pm in SOM 20
  • Requirements: open to Juniors and Seniors
  • Spire ID: 18208


This course exposes students to core business processes and how these processes are supported and integrated in real-world organizational settings with enterprise systems. Key business processes covered include procurement (materials management), fulfillment (sales), and production (manufacturing). Security and controls for these system-supported processes are discussed. The class meets in a computer lab and enables hands-on experience with the ERP solution from SAP, the world's largest business software company.  Using the system's core modules and a case study data set for a global business, students will gain insight into enterprise system configuration and online transaction processing (OLTP).

Course Removal Pending     

MRKTNG 450 Direct Marketing- Graham Gal is checking on whether or not this course should be removed from the IT curriculum due to possible lack of IT related content. 

IT Minor Requirement Update Approved

Students who entered the University by Fall of 2010 can apply only one course with a grade less than a C toward the minor.

Address 4-Credit Courses Adoption

Update IT Program website to address changes regarding 4-credit courses so that language states that, “Not including the foundation course, we require 5 courses (2 technical, 1 broadened inquiry, and 2 electives) and a minimum of 15 credits for the IT Minor.  

Criteria for IT Minor Courses

David Todd presented initial criteria to better define IT Minor course categories (Technical, Broadened Inquiry, etc.).  This is ongoing.

Computer Driving License Certification

Patricia introduced the idea of either adopting or creating a Computer Driving License Certification.  This certification would address the learning of core computer competencies by testing students on topics related to word processing, spreadsheets, e-mail, file types, etc. at varying levels of difficulty.  Patricia stated that some secondary schools in Europe are requiring this type of test be passed in order for a student to graduate.  Sample tests from the European Computer Driving License Foundation have been posted on the IT Program website for review on the faculty page on the bottom of the sidebar. 

  • Link to web page is:   Computer Driving License Certification   
  • Marilyn suggested that all faculty be required to take and pass this type of test prior to implementation.  She also mentioned that the Chancellor was inviting faculty at the Faculty Rule Senate for faculty generated ideas.
  • There is interest in having a certification like this, but whether a specific certificate program is adopted is still up for review.