IT Steering Committee 1-15-2010


Jarice Hanson, Patricia Galvis Assmus, Eileen Krol


Friday, January 15, 2010


Much of the same information was reiterated from the IT Curriculum Committee the previous day regarding the IT Summit.

ICT Certificate Proposals

Patricia discussed how the “certificates” across the university are more focused applications for students.  Also may be used in Continuing Education.  Per Patricia, the certificates may fall under Information & Communication Technology as the title more accurately describes content.  Report on “Creating a Replicable Model for ITAC Certificates” due on February 1st.  Per Jarice, CSSC, Center for the Study of Sustainable Communication, may be relevant for the certificate program.  Also, Center for Digital Government is worth checking on.  Jane Fountain, contact. Per Jarice, “communication” is the act of sending messages while “communications” is more likely to refer to the process through technology. Entry level core classes should have concepts in common.  One possibility for fall would be to submit proposals to fund classes and allow IT students in.  Possible essay upon entering classes similar to Capstone.

  • “Rubrics for Measuring Standards for the IT Program” Check with Craig or Steve Brewer.
  • Sustainability- emphasis on Engineering, Architecture, etc.  Steve Schneider to review.
  • Jarice in agreement with the course of the certificate programs being submitted.