IT Program Retreat August 2013


Patricia Galvis-Assmus, David Todd, Jerry Schoen, Maria Toyofuku, Rick Adrion, Marilyn Billings, Jeanne Antill, Sarah Hutton, Steve Brewer, Janine Solberg, and Jon Olsen.


Thursday, August 29, 2013

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  • Proposed follow up meeting for retreat in Fall 2013
  • Move UMass to a proactive technology university rather than a reactive one

IT Program Background and Information

Presentation by Rick Adrion *see below for PDF of presentation

IT Program Student Demographics

  • Review Demographics as of 8-23-2013
  • Found low enrollment for women and minorities
  • How to improve recruitment of students:  Recruit more fields to participate in IT Program

IT Curriculum

  • Overview of David's collation of our data from IT Student database
  • Reviewed options for new IT Capstone
  • Issue of non-unified acceptance of IT Minor when registering for courses.  *Recommended for Patricia to attend Department meetings to promote acceptance of it minors in other courses
  • IT Capstone
    • No capstone currently
    • Discussed need for capstone and new models of execution
  • Encourage shared courses by schools, teaching and funding may occur from department to department, to facilitate an elective or broadened inquiry

New Courses

1.       Theater 465

  • Provisionally Approved:  Yes
  • Requirement Type: Elective

2.       CMPSCI 1909DM - Mathematical Foundations for Informatics

  • Preparation for pursuing other courses, but doesn't satisfy requirement for IT Minor
  • Provisionally Approved: No
  • Requirement Type: None

3.       CMPSCI 290MW - A Networked World

  • Provisionally Approved: Yes, unanimous, 
  • Requirement Type: Technical C or Broadened Inquiry for Fall 2013 only, will review at a later date.

IT Minor Requirements

  • Reviewed Requirements
  • Determined that there is a need to redefine Technical Requirements
    • Simplify requirement
    • One course programming
    • One course technically oriented
    • Students may take two programming courses to fulfill the two technical requirements
  • Discussed alternate structures for the IT Minor - IT Minor combined with stackable certificates and badges


Program Goals

  • Increase level of proficiency in IT knowledge at UMass by directly engaging students as opposed to general osmosis which is deemed not as effective.
  • Determine how IT is affecting various fields on campus and how they are integrating it into their curriculum.  Suggested that Patricia speak to Carol Barr.
  • Communication
    • Address issue of difficulty with finding information about initiatives on campus
    • Need administrator(s) to assist in promoting IT across the curriculum
    • Recruitment
      • Contact CIO Julie Buehler and Kem Saichaie
      • Bring various committees from 5 Colleges together
      • Have one large meeting a year with everyone who crosses paths with IT Program
      • Speaker Series that leads to ICT Summit to entice people to attend

Curriculum Goals

  • Developed by Steve Brewer and ______?
  • Currently being edited by IT Steering Committee via Google document
  • Determine how to integrate across campus?
  • Share goals with Dept. Heads and Chairs to evaluate how our goals and their curriculum align
  • Explore new UMass and 5 College Partnerships

Action Plan

  1. Explore Certificate possibilities
  2. Marilyn Billings will look into badges
  3. Patricia attend Department Heads and Chairs meeting
    1. Dennis will find out Heads and Chairs Meeting Schedule
  4. Create a list of resources for IT Program
  5. Marilyn Billings will send notes about Ed. Meeting
  6. Maria Toyofuku will contact Economic Dev. (Anne Burke EDC?)
  7. Show Dept. Heads and Chairs courses that have not been taught within last 4yrs, but are on IT Course Catalog
  8. Publicize that course/ speaker series is co-sponsored by IT
  9. Redefine phrasing for IT Mission Statement and Goals
  10. Done-Create Google doc and share with retreat faculty
  11. Evaluate where curriculum stands by determining which courses are active or not

Announcement - SCS Celebration, 50th anniversary of CS

  • Three sections of interest on Oct. 18th, Friday
  • Free Lunch