ICT Summit 2011 8-25-10


Rick Adrion, Robbie Moll, Janine Solberg, Steve Brewer, Dave Toomey, Nikki Stoia, David Todd, Patricia, and Dennis Spencer.


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Share ideas about upcoming Information & Communication Technology Summit 2011. 

 Summit Date (tentative)

 March 31, 2011

Define audience

What should be the mode/ style of presentation/ keynote/panel?

Industry or corporate presence?  Should we have an industry/corporate presence at summit? What type of presence?

Proposed Themes

  • Key Drupal developer, have university showcase for him.
    • Open Source vs. Privatization debate.
  • Panel-6 IT professional practitioners to showcase IT in real life.
  • Mixed Day:
    • Panel
    • Open Source Technology
    • Open Source Teaching
    • Debate (see above)

Panel Concerns

  • Industry professionals can be too specialized.
  • Consider involving UMass Alumni

Seek help from

  • Alumni Association –get interest by involving alums in summit (i.e. panels).
  • Career Services—get interest by addressing concerns about what students need for the future.


Proposed slogan, “Wherever You Go, There IT Is?”.

Next Meeting

October 1st, 4-7pm, Friday, Nikki's birthday on the third.

Need to

Check out on locations on campus.