ICT Summit 2011 5-6-2011


Patricia Galvis-Assmus, Marilyn Billings, Shaopping Moss, Jay Schafer, Matthew Mattingly, Maria Toyofuku, Traci Hess, Steve Brewer, Jerry Schoen, and Nikki Stoia


Friday, May 6, 2011

Meeting's intent: 

Review recent summit and what to do for ICT Summit 2012. 

 Date for Summit 2012?


  • Simplify organization-keynote speaker

  • poster session at beginning of event so people move around and settle on where people concograte. 

  • Lightning Talks

    • with poster session

    • 2min per person for intro

    • one powerpoint slide

    • discrepency in speakers agreed time to speak and reality

  • Difficulty of keeping track of speaker and topic.  Having geographic location may help associating project and people.

  • Break up lightning talks to alleviate overload.

  • Having summit on two different days-half day (diner event) and next day – tour bus or craft fair.  

  • Trade show-software and hardware show and tell for students.

  • Companies loan equipment for students to construct something with technology and show off at summit.  Make it connect with students.  Practical use.

  • FAC square- 20 min. demos.

  • Single day event – more opportunity to meet one another. 

    • 8-2or3pm

Focus Goal

  • Keynote- gets people in

  • Lightning- see what people are doing

  • Vendors- see what is being worked on.

Focus Demographic

  • Faculty and Admin,  students are a bonus.

Student feedback

  • enjoyed it

  • have a focused session to draw in students

Other Four Colleges' Role?

  • Summit 2011- first time bringing 5 college faculty in.  An experiment  to connect.

  • How do we better connect?

  • Every campus has something similar to ICT Summit and it would be good to cross pollenate.

  • 5 Colledge IT collaboration needs to collaborate more.  Hampshire hasn't had an IT person, but

  • will have one soon.  UMass has a lot of options.  So its getting easier to coordinate.

What is summit's role for 5 Colleges?

Have a 5 college collaboration group?

  • SIGS/ Birds of a feather

Similar events

  • explore different events' pro/cons and refine together. 

Speed Dating

  • One comment:  didn't get to talk to people he was interested in speaking to. 

  • Students benefited from this

  • Use technology in advance to connect people- survey(?)

  • Alternative- baseball card with picture of person and informaiton

  • barcode with additional informaiton

Lunch - ran out of food due to non-registered attendees.   Make sure to state this in future.      

Speakers recommendations

  • Clay Shirky

  • Doug Trumble

  • Christopher Dede

  • Scott Style/Squire

  • Kyle Cooper

  • moodle speaker?- research- Good to have because UMass will transition to using it.

Just Moodle It!

  • Collaboration and open source

  • 4 colleges have decided to adopt it

  • Mt. Holyoke considering it.

  • Online education

  • alternate environment for education

  • Empowers students to become producer of content with teachers

  • Power to the people

  • Changing role of student/ facutly

Theme recommendations:

  • augmented reality

    • includes a lot of peripherals

  • democratizing education-issues of online education

  • Virtual learning environments VLE

  • Collaboration Nation

  • Digitla Gaia/ GIS/ Earth – focus

  • Empowerment

  • Creativity Technology

  • Crowd sourcing- Digital mosh pit

  • Ultimate image reality gaming

    • jane mcconegle

    • internet puzzles sponsored by McDonalds for Olympics

  • what is your digital reality

    • speakers could give their own reality

  • digital snake oil

    • people investing time in fake social communities than real people around them

  • International community

  • Technology- Double edged sword, has negative conotation


  • What you see is what you net

  • Just Moodle It!  Moodle Me, Moodle You!

Other Recommendations

  • Virtual Learning environments

    • philosophy of using tech

    • then practical use
  • 5 Colleges talk about how each college will implement Moodle
  • Moodle Max mascot?
  • Philosophy first, then what to do with it.
  • Equal draw for both morning and afternoon

  • keynote and secondary speaker
  • Use Alumni Association to help publicizeSend out earlier notice to get more people involved.
  • IF 5 colleges are to be involved, pgya could attend meetings of 5 colleges
  • Mattingly- Multi media show faculty projects helped draw people in.  People of similar departments would attend presenter in same departments.  Each person would have an individual booth.
  • Separated sessions allow for commitment rather than whole day commitment
  • learning commons- each faculty could have individual room to present.
  • Have summit on a monday holiday or saturday? Revisited.
  • Undergraduate advising open house conflict- be aware.

Final Decisions


  • One day summit

  • Mulitple locations: worth exploring

  • Speaker: ?

  • Theme:  Moodle

  • Date:   Friday, March 30th.  Check schedule for any open house. Or March 2nd.