ICT Summit 2010 8-25-2010


Steve Brewer, Dave Toomey, Nikki Stoia, Maria Toyofuku, David Todd, Patricia, and Dennis Spencer.


Wednesday, August 25, 2010


  • “Progressive ICT Summit”
  • Refined and expanded scope of upcoming Information & Communication Technology
  • Summit 2011 to involve University and Colleges within 5 College system and to showcase faculty/ student Open Source or IT (?) endeavors. 

Summit Date and Location (tentative)

Initially: Thursday March 31st, 2011

 Various: possibly rotating location at individual universities within 5 Colleges on different days within one week time frame around March 31st.   

Summit Mission Goals:

  • Keep IT Program involved in campus
  • Discover where are we concerning Information Technology in relation to where we need to be?
  • Learning how to create environment for addressing future needs of faculty and students.
  • Find out what ICT literacy means in different disciplines?
  • Find out what constitutes a 1st class education with Information Technology especially within the various departments?
  • Create environment for faculty and others to network for current/future collaboration.
  • Connect disconnected IT components that are spread across individual departments within UMass.


Concerns about Summit

  • Minor events might eat attention of larger events
  • Parking issues at schools that don’t have a large amount of visitor parking.
  • Must follow-up with initiatives after summit is over.
  • If a wiki is created a commitment must be made to maintain it.


Summit Format

  • Involve 5 Colleges with development, but invite schools that outside of 5 Colleges.
  • Big event, then smaller ones, then another big event
  • Small events that lead up to a larger event.
  • Large event first, then have smaller events.
  • Suggested Approaches to Developing Summit:
  • Contact Provost/ Career Services/ Alumni Association to see if they have similar initiatives so
  • they have a vested interest in assisting the summit.
  • Use idea of 1st Class Campus for approach for promotions to Career Services, Alumni
  • Association, and Provost
  • The focus of Open Source is about people working together, technology is just an expression of
  • that collaboration.
  • Start ICT Summit Wiki for attendees so they can keep up-to-date.

How Do We Address Faculty Needs:

  • Look at what students are doing with technology to gain insight as to how to teach them
  • Naked Teaching-Teaching without technology, technology can get in the way of effective teaching.
  • How do we deal with situation of faculty investing in an initiative when Department Heads view projects as non-constructive use of time?

Beneficial Open Source Methods for Faculty (examples):

Open Syllabi- creates transparency between faculty for collaboration


Steve Brewer recommended Christopher Dede (UMass Amherst alum) who works at Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Chris Dede's fundamental interest is the expanded human capabilities for knowledge creation, sharing, and mastery that emerging technologies enable. His teaching models the use of information technology to distribute and orchestrate learning across space, time, and multiple interactive media. His research spans emerging technologies for learning, infusing technology into large-scale educational improvement initiatives, policy formulation and analysis, and leadership in educational innovation. He is currently conducting funded studies to develop and assess learning environments based on modeling and visualization, online teacher professional development, wireless mobile devices for ubiquitous computing, and multiuser virtual environments. Dede also is active in policy initiatives, including creating a widely used State Policy Framework for Assessing Educational Technology Implementation and studying the potential of developing a scalability index for educational innovations. From 2001 to 2004, he served as chair of the Learning & Teaching area at HGSE.

Nikki Stoia recommended Bob Eisenstein of the 5 Colleges Early Music Program

Dennis would like to recommend Leslie Hawthorn-Google Open Source Program Office and has helped organize large groups in open source projects/ conferences.

Leslie Hawthorn held various roles at Google before joining the Open Source Programs Office in March 2006. She manages the Google Summer of Code program and the Open Source Developers @ Google Speaker Series. She has organized and facilitated many open-source community conferences, meetups and hackathons at Google's corporate headquarters in Mountain View, California, USA. Proud to be known as Google's geek herder, Leslie holds a B.A. in English Language and Literature from U.C. Berkeley.


Water Conservation Conference- Pull together showcase of IT at UMass for a session on 4-7-11

Engaging Audience:

  • Gigapan-Panaramic Image w/ annotations- Have a story telling contest where faculty and students tell their accounts with locations around the valley.  A jury will judge stories.
  • Start ICT Summit 2011 Wiki to act as a teaser.
  • Interactive map for “progressive summit
  •  Live Broadcast to other 5 College schools that are not having an event, but who have speakers at summit.