How should I choose technical courses for the minor?

Here are some guidelines for choosing technical courses.

You must take at least 2 technical courses:   


For most students the Technical A courses will boil down to these two:

CMPSCI 119 Introduction to Programming (previously CMPSCI 191P), 3 credits, "A hands-on introduction to computer programming using Python with an emphasis on graphics and audio manipulations. No prior programming experience required. Not open to Computer Science majors." This is the best choice for students who want to learn something about programming, but don't expect programming to be a major part of their future.

CMPSCI 121 Introduction to Problem Solving with Computers, 4 credits, The introductory programming course for computer science majors. "An introductory course in problem solving, using the programming language Java. Focuses on the fundamental concepts of problem solving and on computer implementation. Satisfactory completion is a prerequisite for all higher-level computer science courses. Use of computer required. Prerequisite: high school algebra and basic math skills (R1). (Gen.Ed. R2)"


ACCOUNTG 312 Systems, "The systems analyst function: that interface between the users of the information system and the computer personnel. Systems theory and data base concepts; emphasis on the systems design, systems evaluation, anti-justification. Prerequisite: SCH-MGMT 210." Non-accounting majors may substitute one of the other IT Minor foundation courses as the prerequisite. Prior accounting courses not required but you may need to do some additional reading. This is the best course on campus learning to design and manage databases, which is a very useful IT skill. You must contact the professor and make sure to tell him you are an IT Minor.

CMPSCI 145 Representing, Storing, and Retrieving Information. "The use of data in computer systems. Formats for representing text, sound, images, ets. as strings of bits. Basic information theory, use and limitations of file compression. PreRequisite: R1. This course is open to Non-CMPSCI majors only. Prerequisite: You must have completed your R1 Gen. Ed. requirement. Not for Major credit."


CMPSCI 120 Problem Solving w/Internet, 3 credits, "This course is open to Non-CMPSCI majors only. Mandatory attendance to first class meeting is essential. All students must have access to a computer connected to the internet for performing assignments. PC recommended, MAC allowed for most, but not all assignments. Basic skills needed to use the Internet. UNIX commands, e-mail management, listserv software, ftp file transfers, telnet sessions, www browsers, basic Web page design, and PGP-based cryptography. Relevant social and political topics: copyright law, First Amendment issues, computer security, personal privacy, electronic cash, commercialization, and bandwidth pricing strategies. Programming experience not required. Prerequisites: some hands-on experience with PCs or MACs or UNIX. (Gen.Ed. R2)"

If you want to take more than 2 technical courses, the "extra" courses can count as electives.