Listed below are professional areas that an IT Minor can help to strengthen one's resume.

Before You Take the Plunge

  1. Be aware that careers in computers and technology are constantly changing.
  2. Be prepared to retain and learn new information on a regular basis. Certifications are often an important part of training for technical careers.
  3. Obtain the certifications that are the most applicable to career goals and interests.
  4. Gain as much diverse technical experience as possible.
  5. Seek positions in computer labs, retail computer/ technology stores, or as technological support for any office or business.
  6. Learn about techology in additional areas such as audio/ visual or telecommunications.
  7. Become Familiar with the intergration and application of these areas to management information systems.
  8. Develop physical stamina and strength. Many networking professionals are involved with hands-on, physical activity during network installation and maintainence.
  9. Specialize in a specific area of business or industry such as medical office support or sound technology so as to become familiar with the applicable software and hardware.