IT Program

The Information Technology Program at UMass Amherst seeks to educate a broad spectrum of students to be the leading IT practitioners and thinkers. 108 courses, offered by ten schools and colleges, contribute to our curriculum. The IT Program also coordinates the biennial Information & Communication Technology Summit and collaborates to facilitate the Open Education Initiative, as well as, outreach through Five College, Inc. & local colleges. 

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 IT Minor   

The undergraduate Minor in Information Technology is a interdisciplinary program in which students study information and communication technology, its applications in many areas of scholarship, and its social and other effects. The overall goal of the minor is to enable any student to confidently employ technology, and to secure an intellectual platform from which to develop the capacity to innovate, using information and communication technology within their fields.



The Computer Competency Certification educates and tests students about the fundamentals of the use of computers. It consists of 12 modules with topics ranging from computer hardware to production software to digital citizenry. Partners include the UMass Amherst Commonwealth Honors College and the School of Humanities and Fine Arts.

We are currently working on development of CCC to be available to all enrolled students, UWW students and the community beyond our campus.

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New Office Location

The IT Program has moved to the Office of Interdisciplinary Studies.

Our office is located at 350 Campus Center Way. Advising is conducted by appointment only. 

Come in the main entrance, and there is a waiting area to the right. The advisor will come out to get you at the appointed time.

Our phone number and all other contacts remain the same.

See you soon!


 ICT Summit

Thank you to all participants!

2019 was the last year of the ICT Summit as an annual event. From now on the ICT Summit will be held every other year so...see you in the near future.

The even years in between will focus on collaborative events with all Schools & Colleges on campus. Due to pandemic difficulties and changes we have not yet scheduled the next ICT Summit.

The annual Information & Communication Technology Summit is a one-day regional conference that brings together UMass and Five College students with faculty -- and the public -- to explore how Information and Communication Technologies are transforming education, academic disciplines, business, and our everyday lives. 

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FOUR New Courses Added to the IT Minor

The IT Program is happy to announce the addition of the following courses to the IT minor in 2022:

ANTHRO 281 Statistics in Anthropology Using R

COMM 121 Intro to Media and Culture (previously announced)

ENGL 497G Game Design Fundamentals

E&C-ENG 190D Making Better Decisions by Humans and AI (Winter and Summer sessions only)

You can find course details in the course catalog or Spire.