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Italian Studies, Deparment of Languages, Literatures and Cultures


Undergraduate Courses

Course Descriptions for the Spring 2016 semester

ITAL 110 - Elementary Italian I, 3 cr.

The four basic skills: speaking, reading, writing, and understanding Italian. For those with no previous experience in the language

ITAL 120 - Elementary Italian II, 3 cr.

Continuation of ITAL 110. Oral drills, written exercises, 3 hrs per week. Training in the four basic skills: speaking, writing, reading and understanding. Prerequisite: ITAL 110.

ITAL 126 - Intensive Elementary Italian, 6 cr.
Course taught in Italian.

Lecture with student participation. Acquisition of the four language skills: speaking, reading, writing, and understanding. Quizzes, hour exams and final. For students with no previous study of Italian. Course covers the same material as one year of Elementary Italian (110 and 120). Successful completion of ITAL 126 followed by ITAL 246 allows student to satisfy CAS language requirement in one year. Especially recommended for students intending to participate in the Siena Program.

ITAL 197G - English Grammar for Students of Italian and French, 1 cr.

This course will teach the basics of English grammar to students of foreign languages. It seeks to provide native English speakers with a foundation in their own language, which will aid in the acquisition and understanding of French and Italian grammatical structures. This course is intended especially for students beginning their foreign language study, but is offered as a review for any student who would like to improve their knowledge of basic English grammar.

ITAL 240 - Intermediate Italian II, 3 cr.
Course taught in Italian.

Continuation of ITAL 230. Readings, discussion, revision of grammar and exercises. Improvement of basic language skills: speaking, writing, reading and understanding. Prerequisites: ITAL 230 or instructor's permission.

ITAL 246 - Intensive Intermediate Italian, 6 cr.
Course taught in Italian.

Reading and discussion, selective grammar review and conversation. Development of reading skills, introduction to modern Italian literary texts which will serve as basis for class discussion and writing assignments. Grammar review and reinforcement will respond to student needs. Selected readings from the works of contemporary Italian authors: short stories, plays, poetry and short novel. Prerequisite: ITAL 120, 126 or permission of instructor.

ITAL 280 Language Suite Conversation, 2 cr.
Course taught in Italian.

Thatcher House, by arrangement. First-year programs feature small classes or discussion sections of lecture classes taught in the residence halls. In order to participate, students must register for at least two residentially based courses in each of their first two semesters at the University. Honors Colloquium (ITAL 280 H01) available. 1 cr.

ITAL 303 - Writing on Language and Culture, 3 cr.
Course taught in Italian.

Seminar/Workshop. Fulfills the Junior-Year Writing Requirement.
Readings and discussions will be in Italian; written assignments for most students will be in English, as this course satisfies the departmental junior-year writing requirement. Students examine various genres of Italian cultural expression, including poetry, song, the short story, theater, cinema, the novel and, to a limited extent, art history. Emphasis is placed on developing and refining students' written critical responses to the objects of study. Each year the thematic content of the course will vary. Students should contact the designated instructor to apprise themselves of forthcoming thematic content. (Past thematic emphases included 'La Cultura e la letteratura del Mezzogiorno d'Italia' and 'Il paesaggio letterario italiano.')

ITAL 324 - Introduction to Italian Literature I, 3 cr.
Course taught in Italian.

Designed as one of the first courses in which students read to learn (as opposed to learning to read), Intro to Italian Lit gives a general overview of the main works and trends of pre-Modern Italian culture. Authors studied in this course include some of the greatest figures of all time: Dante, Petrarch, Boccaccio, Machiavelli, Michelangelo and more. Counts toward Italian major and minor as well as GenEd (AL). Prerequisite: Italian 240 or 246.

ITAL 397K - Food, History and Cultural Identity in Italy, 3 cr.
Course taught in English. Readings in Italian available for Italian majors.

Italian bread, Italian seasoning, Italian herbs, Italian breadcrumbs, Italian sausage, Italian vinaigrette, and finally "Ristorante Italiano" appear to refer, outside of Italy, to a concept of Italian cuisine that is universally recognized, though very generic and undefined. From the Alps to the coasts of Sicily, over the centuries, Italy has produced countless individual culinary traditions, which express themselves through local products, recipes, rituals, and cooking techniques. Though clearly distinct from each other, these traditions do share a sense of belonging to a national cuisine - loosely identified with the Mediterranean diet - of international recognition, which has in its dramatic diversity and almost infinite variety, its most distinctive traits. The local traditions that make Italian cuisine are the result of the interaction between centuries of history that have forged Italian culture and identity, and a territory that has shaped the inhabitants who are deeply rooted in it. This course will investigate possible strategies to elaborate a credible definition of "Italian cuisine" that is applicable to food in Italy as well as outside the country.

ITAL 497DF - The Divas: Female Icons in Italian Cinema, 3 cr.

Description coming soon.

ITAL 497J - Dante and the Duecento, 3 cr.
Course taught in English

In this course, students will become familiar with the major currents of thirteenth-century Italian poetry and will explore Dante's Divine Comedy as an encyclopedic compendium of medieval thought as well as a very personal vision of the individual's place in the universe, a journey that is as meaningful now as it was 700 years ago. Counts toward Italian major and minor as well as the Medieval Studies Certificate. Crosslisted with ITALIAN 608.

ITAL 500 and above are listed under Graduate Course Descriptions.