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Italian Studies, Deparment of Languages, Literatures and Cultures


Graduate Courses

Course Descriptions for the Spring 2015 semester

ITAL 597EM - Expressions of the Modern, 3 cr.
Course taught in Italian.

This course addresses the notion of "Modernity" in Europe through the wide rage of its expressions in different fields such as philosophy, literature, figurative arts, music, etc. Italian Modernism will be presented against the backdrop of the European modernist movement, emphasizing its constant dialogue with other national cultures, as well as with its own cultural tradition and contemporary social and political situation. Undergraduate and graduate sections combined with different requirements.

ITAL 597FL - Federico Fellini: Film As Rhetoric, 3 cr.

The course investigates how Federico Fellini's work collaborates to construct the fiction now globally understood as Italian identity also through the relationship between the camera and the audience.

ITAL 597N - Boccaccio's Decameron, 3 cr.
Course taught in Italian.

Long considered one of the most important collections of short stories in the history of World Literature, the Decameron is also a fundamental stepping stone in Italian culture, not only because it sits astride the boundary between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance but also because it served as the model for the standardization of Italian prose. Built upon a new merchant-class reality, this masterpiece explores all levels of Italian society and the remarkable changes that were taking place in the years of the Black Death. Prerequisite: at least an intermediate-level proficiency in Italian (240 or 246). Cross-listed with ITAL 497N for undergraduate students.