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Italian Studies, Deparment of Languages, Literatures and Cultures


Courses Commonly Taught

(All courses carry 3 credits unless otherwise noted.)

Note on Elementary and Intermediate Italian: No more than six credits may be earned for any combination of courses at the Elementary level (ITALIAN 110 through 126). Students wishing to study Italian and who have completed three years of a sequence in this language in Grades 9 through 12 will be placed in ITALIAN 230. Students who meet the above criterion may not normally take ITALIAN 110, 120, or 126 for credit, and must arrange to meet with the department adviser if they wish to do so. Students who believe their abilities warrant credit at a higher level (placement in 240 or above) may establish this by taking a placement exam. No more than six credits may be earned for any combination of courses at the Intermediate level (ITALIAN 230 through 246).

Undergraduate-Level Courses:

110   Elementary Italian I

120   Elementary Italian II

126   Intensive Elementary Italian [6 cr]

126H  Intentive Honors Elementary Italian [6 cr]

230   Intermediate Italian I

240   Intermediate Italian II

246   Intensive Intermediate Italian [6 cr]

280   Language Suite Conversation (both sem) [2 cr with additional 1-cr Honors option] (See Thatcher Program)

285   Introduction to Italian Studies (Taught in English)

303   Writing on Language (1st sem)

324   Introduction to Italian Literature I (AL)

325   Introduction to Italian Literature II (AL)

350   Italian Film (AT)

371   Advanced Grammar and Composition (1st sem)

397A  Major Currents in Nineteenth-Century Italian Literature

397E  The Italian-American Experience in Literature

450   Italian-American Film: Visions of Everyday Violence

487   Contemporary Italian Culture and Society

490A  Italian Women Writers

491   Auteur and Film Theory

497   Italian Critical Thought and Interpretation

497B  The Italian-American Experience

497C  Italian Regional and Spatial Identities

497CF A Hard Look on Reality: Italian Neo-Realism and Beyond

497J  Dante and the Duecento

497K  Medieval and Renaissance Short Story

497MD Modern Italian Poetry

497MN Modern Italian Novel

497N  Boccaccio's Decameron

497P  Literature and Medieval Italian Intellectual Culture

497S  History of Italian Gastronomy

497T  The Early Renaissance

497TC The Three Crowns

497X  Boccaccio's Minor Works

Graduate-Level Courses:

507   Dante and the Duecento

514   The Early Renaissance

524   The High Renaissance (AL)

555   19th-Century Italian Literature

565   20th-Century Italian Novel

567   Modern Poetry

597A  Boccaccio

597CF A Hard Look on Reality: Italian Neo-Realism and Beyond

597E  Calvino and Post-War Italian Literature

597DM Dante Minore

597G  Love in Medieval Italian Literature

597MR Italo Calvino: Mapping Reality Through Literature

597N  Boccaccio's Decameron

597I  Trieste: A Literary Crossroads

597K  Medieval and Renaissance Short Story

597P  Literature and Medieval Italian Intellectual Culture

597R  History of Italian Gastronomy

597RP Medieval and Renaissance Prose

597S  Medieval and Renaissance Siena

597T  Italian Theater

597X  Boccaccio's Minor Works