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Information Technology

Personal Web Hosting F.A.Q.

How do I activate my Web space?

For information on how to activate and access your Web space, see our Personal Web Sites documentation.

What tools do I need to create and maintain my Web site?

You will need an SFTP program to transfer files from your computer to the storage space as well as a Web authoring program or text editor to create your content. Members of the UMass community can download SFTP software free of charge from our Supported Software & Downloads page. You can use the bundled text editor in your operating system (i.e., Microsoft Notepad or Apple TextEdit), although these are very basic. Eligible faculty and students can obtain Adobe Dreamweaver at a significant discount through the Adobe Select program, or at no cost as part of Adobe Creative Suite 6 Web & Design Premium, which is available through the Adobe Campus Agreement.

What is my storage quota and how can I check my usage?

Each IT Account (faculty, staff, or student) receives 100 MB of storage in the IT Web hosting server. To check your usage, go to and enter your NetID (IT Account user name) and UMail password to log in.

Can I create a Web site for my course?

To request a Web site account for your course, please go to the IT Accounts office at LGRC A109 (you'll need to bring your UCard). You will need a separate account for each course for which you wish to create a Web site. Your course Web site will have the following URL: where "course" stands for the course's NetID (IT Account user name) (e.g., EDU815, CMPSCI397, etc.).

Who can help me design &/or build my Web site?

Faculty and staff can attend one of our Faculty Workshops.

What commands are allowed on the server?

UMass Amherst IT has limited the number of commands available on the server to the following:

  • bash
  • cal
  • cat
  • chmod
  • clear
  • cp
  • date
  • diff
  • du
  • echo
  • egrep
  • emacs
  • false
  • fgrep
  • grep
  • gunzip
  • gzip
  • head
  • htpasswd
  • id
  • less
  • ln
  • ls
  • migrate_late
  • mkdir
  • more
  • mv
  • nano
  • pwd
  • quota
  • rm
  • rmdir
  • scp
  • sed
  • sh
  • tail
  • tar
  • touch
  • vi
  • vim
  • weblog
  • wget
  • zcat

Do you allow Server Side Includes?

Yes. We do allow server side includes (SSI) for and Web sites.

How do I password protect a file or directory on the server?

To password-protect content on your or Web site you'll need to use htaccess files. To learn how to create these files, see our Password Protect a Web Directory documentation.

Can I use a Web browser to see a list of the files on my webadmin directory?

No. IT has turned off directory listing on the server for security reasons. If there is no index.html file on your Web hosting directory, the browser will display an "Error 403 - Forbidden" message.