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About Levels of Access & Permissions in UDrive

UDrive allows you to share your files and folders with on-campus and off-campus users. By default, every file and folder in UDrive has three levels of access for which permissions can be set:

  • Owner: You are the owner of the items on your UDrive.
  • Authenticated Users: UMass Amherst students, faculty, and staff use their NetID and password to access the files and folders you share with them.
  • Public: Files and folders are available to the public.

For each level of access you can set the following permissions:

  • Viewer (Read-Only): Others can see, but cannot modify a file or folder.
  • Contributor (Read, Write, Delete): Others can see, modify, or erase a file or folder.
  • Full Access (Read, Write, Delete, Administer): Others can see, edit, change permissions, and share files or folders. This is the default setting for the file owner.

To share files and folders with:

  • Members of the University community, you can add their NetID to the list of users authorized to access your account by using the UDrive Sharing Wizard or directly editing permission settings for a file or folder.
  • Non-UMass Amherst users, you can use tickets to give them access to your content for a limited period of time (30 days by default). Note: Tickets can be issued to members of the University community.

To adjust the levels of access and permissions in UDrive, select the file or folder, then in the toolbar, click Manage > Permissions. To create or modify a ticket, go to Manage > Tickets.

For more information on tickets and permissions, see Share Files & Folders with UDrive.