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View Textbook Summary for Students

Use SPIRE to get a list of the textbooks and other materials you will need for your classes for the current term. Information about what you need to buy or rent is available only if the instructor has entered the information in Amazon CourseMaterials.

The Textbook Summary gives you information only for the classes you are taking in the term that appears on your Student Center. You can see textbooks and materials for other classes using Search For Classes and clicking a section link to view the Class Details page.

To view your textbook/other materials summary in SPIRE:

  1. In the SPIRE Menu, go to Student Home > Class Schedule. The My Class Schedule page will open.
  2. On the My Class Schedule page, click the View Textbook Summary link. The My Class Schedule Textbook Summary page will open.
  3. On the My Class Schedule Textbook Summary page:
    • The term information appears at the top of the page, if you need to confirm.
    • Each of your classes appears as a collapsible/expandable header with any books or materials listed under it.
    • Textbook/materials information includes the status (required or optional) for each item, along with a description.
    • Each item that is currently available from Amazon features a link that opens to that item in Amazon in a new tab. Review and choose your purchasing or rental options and add to your Amazon shopping cart. Return to the Class Schedule Textbook Summary browser tab to select another item.
    • Check any Notes for any additional information, which may include other items to be purchased that are not available in Amazon and so do not have links.  
    • Click Return to My Class Schedule to go back to the class schedule page.
    • Click Printer Friendly Page to open a formatted for printing version of the page. See our documentation Printing from SPIRE for more information. When finished printing, click Return to Textbook Summary.