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Set up Your FERPA Privacy Waiver

Use the FERPA Privacy Waiver to:

  • Make relevant portions of your student record available to a few individual designees.
  • Assign up to four designees, enabling them to contact the participating University offices on your behalf.
  • Indicate the type of information each designee can request from the University, including the ability to assign a different type of access to each designee.
  • Add, edit, or cancel Waiver details for any designee at any time.


Access the FERPA Privacy Waiver

  1. Navigation: SPIRE Menu > My Personal Information > FERPA Privacy Waiver.
  2. Read through the entire Introduction and follow the directions in the last paragraph.
    • Be sure to read the FERPA Privacy Waiver Provisions to make sure that you understand the types of information that you will be sharing with designees.
    • Note: The Introduction will appear each time you access the Waiver until you click I Agree.

Add, Edit, or Remove Designee(s)

Specific directions for managing your designees are listed on the Add/Edit Designees page, which appears after you click I Agree on the Introduction page. Additional points that you need to know:

  • You must enter three pieces of information for each designee: First Name, Last Name and Access Code, and you must select one or both options for the kind of data (financial or housing) that you wish to share with any given designee.
  • The Access Code is a unique 4-character code that the designee will use as a PIN when he or she contacts the appropriate office via telephone, U.S. mail, email, or in person to discuss your student information. Be sure each of your designees knows his or her unique access code.
  • Always Save changes to information on the Add/Edit Designees page.
  • Remember to inform affected designees if you make any changes to names, access codes, or types of information to which you are granting access.
  • Keep in mind that Financial Aid Info pertains to your financial activity at the University and may include your account balance, tax information, loan, and financial aid information. Housing Info refers to your on-campus housing assignments and contractual obligations. You can always find more detailed information about FERPA Privacy Waiver Provisions.
  • Remember that removing a designee means that you cancel his or her ability to discuss your status with the designated offices on campus.
  • Your Waiver remains in effect two semesters after you leave the University unless you remove your designees.