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Access to SPIRE for Staff & Advisors


Students and instructors receive the appropriate SPIRE access automatically.  If your job requires you to work with student records in SPIRE, including records needed for academic advising, then you will need access to SPIRE in a ‘for staff’ or 'for advisors' capacity.  To gain access to either SPIRE for Staff or SPIRE for Advisors, you need to complete the following three steps:

1. Apply for Access

Apply for access using the appropriate application form. Make sure to sign the form and to have your department head sign it before submitting it for processing. If you are the department head or if your department head is unavailable to sign your application, the dean to whom the department head reports should sign it. Note: Because the Registrar's Office requires the original signatures, we cannot accept faxed forms.

Mail the completed application form to SPIRE User Support, A249 Lederle Lowrise.

We will process your application and send it to the Registrar’s Office for approval. Please remember that the average processing time for any request is about two weeks.

2. Complete FERPA Certification

FERPA (the Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act) is a federal law protecting the confidentiality of student records. All applicants for SPIRE for Staff or SPIRE for Advisors access must become familiar with the FERPA law and must complete FERPA Certification.

About FERPA Certification

Applicants for SPIRE for Staff or SPIRE for Advisors access: We recommend that you take the online FERPA quiz as soon as possible. Do be sure to take it before you attend the first SPIRE training for which you have been approved. Your new access will not be activated following training until you have completed FERPA Certification.  

3. Get SPIRE Training

Once we know the kind of SPIRE access for which you have been approved, we will email you about the training(s) you need. Keep in mind that activating your SPIRE for Staff or SPIRE for Advisors access requires two steps: you must have approval and you must attend training. Depending on the extent of access approved, you may need to attend more than one training session.

Check our training schedule to see a list of sessions for the current month and for brief descriptions of the things that you can do with each type of access.  We normally post the new schedule of trainings within a day or two of the first of the month.  If you need access that does not seem to fit into any of the training type descriptions, email us at with a brief explanation of your needs.