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Information Technology

Print from IT Computer Classrooms & the Learning Commons

Follow the instructions below to print using the Pay-for-Print service in IT Computer Classrooms and UMass Amherst IT-maintained computers in the Learning Commons.

General Printing Instructions

For documentation purposes, we've provided instructions on printing a Web page from Internet Explorer 6.x for Windows. The process is very similar for printing other types of documents from other applications.

  1. Go to File > Print Preview. Print Preview allows you to see what your printout will look like before you send it to the Print Release Station.
  2. Once you’ve confirmed that the printout is what you want, close the Print Preview window, then go to File > Print.
  3. In the Print window, fill in all applicable fields (e.g., Page Range, Number of copies, etc.), then click Print. The Print Job Details window will open.

Send the Print Job to the Print Station

  1. On the Print Job Details window, enter the following information: Print Job Details Screen
    • In the NetID field, enter your NetID (IT Account user name).
    • In the Password field, you can choose to enter a password for added security. This password can be anything you'd like it to be. You'll need to enter this password when you release this printout at the Print Release Station.
    • In the Job Title field, enter a title for the print job (e.g., eReserve). The title will appear at the Print Release Station. Use it to differentiate this print job from others you may be printing at the same time.

      Print Job Details Image
  2. Click Print to send this job to the Print Release Station.

    Note: Don't want this print job? Unwanted print jobs are deleted from the printing queue 2 hours after submitting it to the Print Release Station.

Pay For and Retrieve Your Prints

  1. Go to the Print Release Station. Print Release Stations in each classroom are identified with a sign. You can also look for the workstation with the following display:

    Welcome Screen Image
  2. Move the mouse to login to the Print Release Station. The Identifying Yourself screen will appear.
  3. On the Identifying Yourself screen, enter your NetID (IT Account user name). Click Logon.
  4. Swipe your UCard or Guest Card in the card swipe. Card swipes are located on the desk next to the computer.
  5. On the Releasing Print Jobs screen, click on the print job you would like to release to the printer. The area at the bottom of the screen will display the number of pages in this job and the total amount to be deducted from your UCard Debit Account. To release this print job, click Print.

    Note: IT does not give refunds for jobs mistakenly sent from the Print Release Station to the printer. Before you click Print, please make sure to check the length and cost of each printout.

    Print Release Station Image