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Select a Theme for Your Moodle Course

Moodle allows you to choose between seven variations on a custom UMass Amherst theme. Select a color suitable to the content of your course. You can’t add images to the top banner, but you can use images in the course Sections or in an HTML block to enliven your course page.

Note: Non-UMass themes have been discontinued. Courses that had used Arialist, Binarius, Fusion, Leatherbound, or Magazine themes have been set to the closest color variation of the UMass theme (white, orange, or gray).

To learn how to change the theme for your course, see Important Settings for Your Moodle Course.

Our UMass themes feature:

  • Mobile-friendly responsive design. Columns stretch to fill a larger browser window or shrink to fit in a smaller browser window, and adapt to available screen space on a tablet or phone.
    Mobile devices with various screen sizes
  • Two or three column layouts. Moodle courses have a three column layout by default, but you can also move all the blocks to one side for a two-column layout with a wider column for course sections. (Best for courses that use very few blocks.)
  • Readable fonts, with universally accessible formatting.

Note: If a course theme is set to "Do not force," the course will use the theme from the Moodle at UMass Amherst entry page.

Drakon - Maroon

This is currently the default theme.

  (click to enlarge)

Jackalope - Orange

(click to enlarge)

Kelpi - Green

screenshot of Kelpie - green theme (click to enlarge)

Kraken -  Blue

screenshot of Kraken - blue theme (click to enlarge)

Okapi - Yellow

screenshot of Okapi - yellow theme (click to enlarge)

Wendigo - Gray

screenshot of Wendigo - gray theme (click to enlarge)

Yeti - White

screenshot of Yeti - white theme (click to enlarge)