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The Echo360 Instructor Dashboard, Library, and Class List

When you log in to Echo360, you will be able to navigate around your Echo360 Home page, Library, and Classes. This page provides an overview of these areas, and links to more information about them.


The Dashboard page appears by default when you log in, and contains a snapshot of the status of each of your course sections. You can keep track of student engagement for your most recent class session, new questions from students, and students who may be falling behind in participation. For more information, see the Echo360 article:

Understanding the Instructor's Dashboard

Library Page

The Library page is the repository for all of your recorded and uploaded content, whether or not it is currently published to a class or is available to students. From your Library, you can view, share, edit, or delete your recordings. For more information, see the Echo360 article:

Understanding the Instructor's Library Page

Class List

The Courses list displays current and past courses. When you navigate to a particular course, the Classes tab for that course appears by default. This is typically referred to as the class list page and lists all of the class session for that course/section. From this page you can view class sessions, see new questions from students, add additional media to class sessions (such as uploading presentation slides), or create new classes and presentations.  For more information, see the Echo360 article:

Understanding the Instructor's Class List