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Information Technology

Security Alert! WannaCry Ransomware

May 15, 2017

There is a new, fairly serious ransomware attack spreading across the Internet known as "WannaCrypt" that exploits a known bug in Windows and actively tries to spread across the local network.

As of Monday morning, we have not seen any reports of it impacting UMass Amherst systems. There are three steps you should take that are recommended by most security sites:

  1. Install Patch MS17-010 for Windows systems, which was released in March (this is already deployed if you are using our Windows update (WSUS, KACE)).
  2. Install updated Anti-Virus (McAfee DAT 8527, released on Saturday 5/13 has the protections for the known version of WannaCry).
  3. Remove any Windows systems from the network that cannot be patched.

If you suspect your computer is infected with this malware, report it immediately to your IT Administrator and

For additional details, see Microsoft's Customer Guidance for WannaCrypt attacks.