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Personal Cellular Telephone Purchases

All university departments and University employees are eligible for discounted wireless rates through the providers listed below. Because plans and promotions change frequently, we are unable to provide an online comparison. Please contact vendors directly to obtain detailed information and to make purchases. If you have general wireless questions, please call 545-2355 or send an email to the Cellular Phone line at

Cellular Providers


FAN # for UMass Employee Discounts: 2383237
Employees wishing to purchase a cell phone for their own personal use may do so in one of two ways:

A. Visit an AT&T store, Reference FAN # for UMass employees: 2383237 and bring University ID


B. Order through the AT&T's customized web page for UMass Amherst discounts:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your UMass email address on the right-hand side where it reads, "You may qualify for employee discounts"
  3. You should immediately receive an email with a link to the customized web page

UMass Amherst Discounts:
Service plan discount
Equipment & accessory discount
Free shipping
Free phone with new accounts/upgrades/migrations
Restrictions apply, see Web site or ask account representative for details


Account Representative: Joshua Parker
Phone: 508-243-5816
Reference Corporate Account Number: GAUNV_UMA_ZZZ (Bring your UMass ID or pay stub)

           UMass Amherst Discounts:
           Service Plan Discount
Equipment Discounts with new contracts
Restrictions apply, ask account representative for details

Sprint Ways to save:

Sprint Questions

Purchasing Phones/Upgrades/Plans: Your local Sprint Store (

Billing Questions: 866-639-8354

General Discount Information: Joshua Parker (



Account Representative: Ralph Schomberg
Phone: 917-379-1145
Business Direct: 866-464-8662

T-Mobile offers for the Employees of UMass

  • Discounted T-Mobile wireless services. No Service Contracts. No roaming charges. No Overages, simplified rate
  • o% financing on phones, 20 day return period
  • UNLIMITED PLANS with all discounts included
  • Smart Phones, Tablets, Mobile Broadband, plus much much more!
  • Nationwide 4G LTE, WiFi Calling, Unlimited web and text in over 145 countries
  • Upgrade your phone 2x's per year with the JUMP! program for $10.00  month
  • Stateside International calling, call for pricing

New customers:  Visit Call 1-866-464-8662 with promo code 2675TMOFAV (some offers are not available in retail stores)

Existing Customers on simple choice plans only:  Visit to apply for your discount

Additional Questions?  Please Contact Ralph Schomberg you Regional Marketing Specialist


Account Representative: Paul Stamas
Phone:  617-512-0006

For employee discounts go to:

UMass Amherst Discounts:
Service Plan Discount
Equipment & Accessory discount
Free Shipping
Free phone with new accounts/upgrades/migrations
Restrictions apply, ask account representative for details