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Information Technology

Support for Teaching & Learning

Our staff and facilities are dedicated to helping instructors incorporate technology into their teaching and research. Instructors can access special equipment, training, and advice on the best ways to meet pedagogical goals.

We also manage IT Computer Classrooms. Labs are available to instructors using technology in their coursework. Students, faculty, and staff may use the computer facilities for homework (or other University-related work) when a class is not scheduled.


Location: 740 W.E.B. Du Bois Library
Phone: 413-577-0072


  • Alyson Gill, Ph.D. - Associate Provost for Instructional Innovation; Associate Professor, Art History
  • Ann Garstka - Office Manager, Academic Computing

Computer Classrooms

  • Robert Davis, Ph.D. - Manager, IT Academic Computer Classrooms
  • Kimberly Paszko - Associate Manager, Computer Classrooms
  • Marta Pluta - Classrooms Personnel Manager
  • Wayne Gagnon - Instructional Technology Developer
  • Christopher Golas - Audio-Visual Equipment Technician
  • Rob Hayes - Systems Engineer
  • Noah Stevralia - Apple Systems Administrator

Instructional Technology Support 

  • Fred Zinn - Associate Director, Academic Computing
  • Brad Turner - Associate Manager, Faculty Support
  • Sam Anderson - Instructional Design & Faculty Support Coordinator 
  • Alexandra Deschamps - Instructional Design & Faculty Support Coordinator
  • Michele Turre - Senior Faculty Support Specialist- Instructional Technology
  • Olga Kyle - Instructional Design & Faculty Support Coordinator

Moodle Technical Support 

  • Daniel Nelson - Instructional Technology Systems Administrator 
  • Doris Peterson - Staff Assistant
  • Longfei Yu - Instructional Technology Systems Administrator