Current Funding Opportunities

Selected Opportunities

The Institute for Social Science Research maintains a list of upcoming funding opportunities for social science researchers.  Although our staff provides optimal assistance with at least one month lead time from those interested in a particular opportunity, we’re happy to help at any stage of the proposal process.

This list will be periodically updated with new opportunities. For additional guidance on research funding, please visit our Funding Resources page.

Grant Title


NSF-Cultural Anthropology Program Senior Research Awards

01/15/2019 and 08/15/2019
NSF-Economics 01/15/2019 and 08/19/2019

NSF-Developmental Sciences (DS)

01/15/2019 and 07/15/2019

NSF- Cultural Anthropology Scholars (Training) Awards

01/16/2019 and 08/16/2019

NSF- Law & Social Sciences

01/29/2019 and 08/01/2019

Russel Sage Foundation-Social Inequality (SI)


Russel Sage Foundation- Integrating Biology and Social Science Knowledge (BioSS)


Russel Sage Foundation- Social, Economic and Political Effects of the ACA (ACA)


Russell Sage Foundation – Immigration and Immigrant Integration (III)

05/23/2019 and 08/19/2019

Russell Sage Foundation - Decision Making and Human Behavior in Context (DM)

05/23/2019 and 08/19/2019
Russell Sage Foundation - Behavioral Economics (BE) 05/23/2019 and 08/19/2019

Russell Sage Foundation – Race, Ethnicity, and Immigration (REI)


Russell Sage Foundation – Computational Social Science (CSS) 08/09/2019
Russell Sage Foundation - Future of Work (FOW) 08/19/2019
NSF-Documenting Endangered Languages 09/16/2019