Advisory Board

Marjorie Aelion

School of Public Health and Health Sciences

Michael Ash

Department of Economics and Center for Public Policy & Administration (SBS)

Michelle Budig

Department of Sociology (SBS)

Michelle J. Budig’s research interests focus on gender, employment, self-employment, earnings, work-family policy, and inequality. Her research has appeared in the American Sociological Review, Social Forces, Social Problems, Gender &Society, and...

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Krista Harper

Department of Anthropology and Center for Public Policy & Administration (SBS)

John Kingston

Department of Linguistics (HFA)

Barbara Krauthamer

Department of History

Jennifer Lundquist

Department of Sociology (SBS)

Jennifer Lundquist is a sociologist and demographer. She examines how racial, ethnic, and gender inequalities are perpetuated and sometimes undone in various institutional settings, such as the workplace, dating/marriage market, and families. Drawn to research conundrums, her major areas of...

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Thomas P. Moliterno

Department of Management (Isenberg SOM)

Sally Powers

Department of Psychology, College of Natural Sciences (CNS)

Sharon Rallis

Deparment of Educational Policy, Research & Administration (COE)

Darrel Ramsey- Musolf

Department of Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning (SBS)

Brian Schaffner

Department of Political Science (SBS)