Social Sciences and the Environment Seed Grant Recipients Present at Massachusetts Undergraduate Research Conference

A team of students conducting research collaborating with ISSR Sustainability Seed Grant recipients Eve Vogel and Brian Yellen presented their research at the 2018 Massachusetts Undergraduate Research Conference, held right here at UMass ( A series of 3 sessions among an amazing interdisciplinary group of undergraduates I have been working with all year. I have directly supervised 4 of the students (see session 3) and Brian Yellen has directly supervised one (Rylee Wrenner, in session 2), while I've also overseen the project as a whole. I should note that this has all been possible thanks to funding and support from a Sustainability Seed Grant from the UMass Institute for Social Science Research.

The interdisciplinary project that hosts these presentations is called: Electricity, Sustainability, Flexibility: Place-based environmental and sociopolitical impacts of our coming electrical system as seen through hydropower and rivers.

Our group's presentations on Friday are all in Campus Ctr Room 165, 8:30-12:30:

8:30-9:15  1. Modeling hydropower, prices and the New England electric supply

      * Tristan Koopman, Engineering: Synergy between Pumped Hydro Energy Storage and Wind Energy in the New England Electricity System
      * Olivia Pfeiffer, Engineering: The Impact of Increased Wind Production on Hydropower Operation in New England
      * Samuel Hostetter, Resource Economics: Econometric Analysis of Water Flow and Price in Hydropower Production

10:45-11:30   2. Biophysical impacts of hydropower on Connecticut River and Massachusetts streams

      * Rylee Wrenner, Geosciences: Analysis of How Hydro-Geological Concerns from Hydropeaking are Addressed During Dam Relicensing Processes
      * Sam Kefferstan, Fisheries Biology (Eco): Impacts of Hydropower Installations and Dams on the Distribution of Fish Communities Within the Connecticut River Watershed
      * Caley Earls, Fisheries Biology (ECo): Investigating Changes in the Timing of River Herring Migrations to Manage River Flows

11:45-12:30  3. Hydropower-fueled economic development and environmental mitigation in Holyoke, MA, 1990-2018

      * Emily Chang & Josh Nolan (Environmental Sciences & LARP, supervised in Geography): Hydropower, Policy, and Ecology: A Case Study of Holyoke Energy
      * Stephen Hayes & Ahmad Bakrin (Political Science, co-supervised in Geography): Municipal Ownership versus Private