Call for Intervention | Antipode Online seeking contriubtions on current conjuncture

Protestors wearing face masks on steps of Erie County Holding Center. Large banner reads: No Justice No Peace. Abolish the Police. #BLM

A call for interventions from the Antipode Editorial Collective:

At this conjuncture Antipode reiterates its commitment to support #BlackLivesMatter and other transformational justice movements by opening up and expanding the space on for Interventions. Using the platform’s substantial power (around 13,500 views each month and over 17,500 Twitter followers) to amplify voices often unheard and invisibilised in politics, daily life, and academic discourse is one way to contribute to this cause.

We invite activists, scholars, and public intellectuals to contribute a brief (150-200 words) observation or statement (in English or other languages), a photo or drawing (with a descriptive caption), or a short video or audio clip (2-3 minutes max.) that relates to themes of the current conjuncture (BLM, Abolish the Police, Covid-19 activism, struggles against the far-right across the world, and other efforts to promote abolitionist politics, transformational justice, and reparations). Submissions will be accepted on a rolling basis for at least the next three months.

We are aware that those engaged in the struggle on the ground speak and act from multiple place-based and social positions, albeit ones connected through the oppressive structures engendered by white supremacy, colonialism, patriarchy, and racial capitalism. Thus, we encourage and seek to include a broad range of voices and views from within movements across the globe. We particularly encourage submissions from activists whose lived experiences allow them to identify with and relate directly to contemporary struggles.

Please email all material to Antipode’s Managing Editor, Andy Kent (, with a short bio (name, institutional/organisational affiliation, location, and email/social media), though bios are optional if you do not wish to be identified. The Editorial Collective reserve the right to curate and lightly edit contributions to fit space constraints and to prioritise the perspectives of those most directly impacted by the current conjuncture.

The Antipode Editorial Collective
23 June 2020