Kevin Young

Kevin Young’s research focuses on international political economy, in particular the politics of financial regulation, corporate elites and transnational policy networks. He is particularly interested in analyzing the ways in which regulatory policy is affected by interest groups.

Courses Taught:

  • Undergraduate: ‘International Political Economy’, ‘Corporate Lobbying in the Global Economy’, ‘Human Progress?’
  • Graduate Courses: ‘Money and Power’, ‘Political Economy’

Recent Publications: 

  • Kevin Young. 2014. “Losing Abroad but Winning at Home: European Financial Industry Groups in Global Financial Governance since the Crisis.” Journal of European Public Policy 21(3): 367-88.
  • Stefano Pagliari and Kevin Young. 2014. “Leveraged Interests: Financial Industry Power and the Role of Private Sector Coalitions.” Review of International Political Economy 21(3): 575-610.
Keywords: International political economy, business and politics, financial regulation, interest groups.