Kevin Young

Kevin Young serves as Associate Director of ISSR. He earned his PhD from the London School of Economics, and joined the Department of Political Science at UMass in 2012. He is a scholar of International Political Economy who specializes in the study of financial power, global governance, interest groups and elites, and whose publications profile methods ranging from qualitative interviewing and network analysis to Fuzzy-Set Qualitative Comparative Analysis. While his primary work has been in the area of financial regulation, interest groups and elites, several of his recent research efforts involve studies of the academic profession itself, a theme that connects him to ongoing efforts at ISSR to foster reflection among social scientists about their own field and discipline.
Young has been an active member of the ISSR community since his arrival at UMass, and is committed to supporting and enriching ISSR's mission of advancing excellence in social science research. He was a 2013-14 ISSR Scholar. His ISSR Scholars fellowship culminated in a grant from the Russell Sage Foundation, and led to current collaborations in which he is developing multi-million dollar grant proposals in the US and Europe. 
Recent Publications

The Financialization of Policy Preferences: Financial Asset Ownership, Regulation and Crisis Management”,Socio-Economic Review, forthcoming [accepted May 2018, available in early view]. Coauthored with Stefano Pagliari and Lauren Philips.

Status Quo Conservatism, Placation, or Partisan Division? Analyzing Citizen Attitudes Toward Financial Reform in the United States”, New Political Economy, forthcoming [accepted February 2018, available in early view]. Co-authored with Alper Yagci.

Does Science Fiction Affect Political Fact? Yes and No: A Survey Experiment on ‘Killer Robot Sentiment'", International Studies Quarterly, forthcoming [accepted December 2017, available in early view]. Co-authored with Charli Carpenter.

An Empirical Investigation of the Financialization Convergence Hypothesis”, Review of International Political Economy, Vol. 24, Issue 6 (2017), pp. 1004-1029. Co-authored with Sylvia Maxfield and W. Kindred Winecoff.

"Big Corporate Network Data: Problems, Diagnostics and Fixes," 2018. Global Networks 18(1): 3-32. Co-authored with Eelke M. Heemskerk, Frank W. Takes, Bruce Cronin, Javier Garcia-Bernardo, Vladimir Popov, W. Kindred Winecoff, Lasse Folke Henriksen and Audrey Laurin-Lamonthe.

Keywords: International political economy, business and politics, financial regulation, interest groups.