Elizabeth Sharrow

Assistant Professor
Departments of Political Science and History (College of Social and Behavioral Sciences)
Thompson 436

From Athletes to Citizens: Title IX’s Unanticipated Consequences

Dr. Sharrow’s research focuses on the politics of sex and gender in the United States.  She is particularly interested in the politics of public policy in contemporary U.S. history.  She will use her residency in the ISSR Scholars Program to support her drafting of a grant application to fund research exploring the long-term effects of Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 on political mobilization, participation, and opinion.  This work will expand on her first book manuscript on the policy history of Title IX and the political construction of sex and gender.


  • Elizabeth Sharrow, Dara Strolovitch, Micheal Heaney, Seth Masket, and Joanne Miller.  Forthcoming.  “The Gender of Partisan Polarization: The Conditions of Party Activist Support for Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton in 2008.”  Journal of Women, Politics, and Policy.
  • Elizabeth Sharrow.  2013.  “Forty Years ‘On the Basis of Sex’: Title IX, the ‘Female Athlete’, and the Political Construction of Sex and Gender.”  Ph.D. Dissertation.  (Book manuscript in preparation.)
  • Sally Kenney, Kathryn Pearson, Debra Fitzpatrick and Elizabeth Sharrow.  2009.  “Are We Progressing Toward Equal Representation for Women in the Minnesota State Legislature?  New Evidence Offers Mixed Results.”  Center for Urban and Regional Affairs Reporter  39: 39-47.

Keywords: political science, public policy, gender/race/class, political mobilization, sports, education