Anita Milman

Assistant Professor
Department of Environmental Conservation (College of Natural Sciences)
210 Holdsworth Hall

Analyzing the Emergence of Environmental Governance: Groundwater Sustainability Agencies in California

Dr. Milman’s research investigates the multi-level governance of water resources in order to understand human responses to hydro-climatic change and other causes of environmental degradation. As an ISSR Scholar, Dr. Milman plans to develop a proposal to study the emergence of new institutions for environmental governance by examining the formation of groundwater sustainability agencies in California. Through this research she aims to develop insights on processes of self-organization and how those processes influence the choice of institutional design.

Recent Publications:

  • Milman, A. & Polsky, C. (forthcoming) “Policy Frameworks Influencing Outdoor Watering Restrictions” Journal of the American Waterworks Association
  • Milman, A. & Warner, B. (2016) “The Interfaces of Public and Private Adaptation: Lessons from Flooding in the Deerfield River Watershed” Global Environmental Change, (36):46-55.
  • Milman, A., Bunclark, L., Conway, D., & Adger, W.N. (2013) "Assessment of Institutional Capacity to Adapt to Climate Change in Transboundary River Basins." Climatic Change (121) 4 755-770.
  • Milman, A., & Arsano, A. (2013) “Climate Adaptation and Development:  Contradictions for Human Security in Gambella, Ethiopia.”  Global Environmental Change, 29 (2014) 349-359.

Keywords: water resources, governance, adaptation, institutions, environment