Beyond Borders

The ISI Residency at the University of Massachusetts

‘Beyond Borders’, the ISI Residency at the University of Massachusetts, hosts artists, writers, and intellectuals both from the USA and elsewhere. Our purpose is to think through and across borders of various kinds: between peoples, cultures, nations, religions—but also across borders of discipline, or the creative and the scholarly, or the academy and the world. Much of the world as we know it is shaped by social policy, yet policy often reinforces fragmentation. Our suggestion is that it may be time to change the frame of how we envision the world, and that artists and thinkers have a role in doing so. Today artists and intellectuals are not less necessary but more so, and we need to hear from them and encourage them. We are looking for powerful artistic and intellectual statements, to reshape our vision, our ways of seeing, hearing, thinking, and understanding.

Danielle Citron and Jarice Hanson: Amherst Media Interview

During her 2015-2016 ISI residency, Professor Danielle Citron sat down with 'Secrecy, Publicity, Privacy, Security' ISI fellow Jarice Hanson to discuss hate crimes in cyberspace. The interview was produced by Amherst Media, and can be found here.