Beyond Borders

The ISI Residency at the University of Massachusetts

‘Beyond Borders’, the ISI Residency at the University of Massachusetts, was established through a Visioning Grant from the College of Humanities and Fine Arts. In hosting artists, writers, and intellectuals both from the USA and elsewhere, our purpose is to think through and across borders of various kinds: between peoples, cultures, nations, religions—but also across borders of discipline, or the creative and the scholarly, or the academy and the world. Much of the world as we know it is shaped by social policy, yet policy often reinforces fragmentation. Our suggestion is that it may be time to change the frame of how we envision the world, and that artists and thinkers have a role in doing so. Today artists and intellectuals are not less necessary but more so, and we need to hear from them and encourage them. We are looking for powerful artistic and intellectual statements, to reshape our vision, our ways of seeing, hearing, thinking, and understanding.

Viviana Zelizer, "Valuing Intimacy: Does Money Corrupt?"

April 12-15, 2015

The Interdisciplinary Studies Institute (ISI) is delighted to welcome prominent economic sociologist Viviana A. Zelizer, who will visit UMass from April 12-15 as part of the 2015 ISI Residency. Professor Zelizer will present a public lecture entitled “Valuing Intimacy: Does Money Corrupt?” on Tuesday, April 14 at 4:00 pm in Room 904-908 of the UMass Campus Center. In addition, during her stay at UMass, Professor Zelizer will interact with students and faculty across the disciplines. Events will include graduate seminars, classroom visits, and a meeting with this year’s ISI Faculty Fellows, who have been considering the topic of “Value” from various perspectives throughout the year.

Professor Zelizer’s scholarship is motivated by a particular interest in how economic activities affect the meaning of interpersonal relations. A constant in her work is the belief that economic activity plays a key role in the way individuals conceive the value of those who are near and dear to them. Her books include Morals and MarketsPricing the Priceless ChildThe Changing Social Value of Children; and The Purchase of Intimacy. Reviewers have praised her work for its theoretical contributions, and for providing readers with a completely new perspective on markets and intimacy.

Widely recognized for her innovative scholarly contributions, Professor Zelizer has been elected to the American Academy for Arts & Sciences, the American Philosophical Society, and received the first Distinguished Career Service Award for the Section on Children and Youth from the American Sociological Association. Viviana Zelizer is Professor of Sociology at Princeton University.

Schedule of Events

Public Lecture
"Valuing Intimacy: Does Money Corrupt?"
Tuesday, April 14
4:00 p.m.
Campus Center, room 904-908

Interdisciplinary Graduate Seminar
Monday, April 13
Facilitated by Professor Nancy Folbre
Location: Herter 601

Additional Visits
Professor Zelizer will make several other visits to graduate and undergraduate classes on campus, including a visit with Public Health faculty and graduate students, a sociology class, and a visit to the 5 College Childhood Seminar. Professor Zelizer will also meet with the 2014-2015 ISI Faculty Fellows, who have been considering the topic of "Value" from a variety of perspectives throughout the year.