Events 2000-2003

Vandana Shiva (Research Foundation on Science, Technology, and Ecology). 21 November 2002.

‘Diagrams and Unruly Complexity, Ecology and Reflective Practitioners.’  Peter Taylor (University of Massachusetts, Boston). A colloquium for undergraduate students, in collaboration with Commonwealth College. 1 November 2002.

‘South Africa Now: What the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Left Out.’ Sindiwe Magona (United Nations). 10 April 2002.

Seminar: Sustainability and Stewardship. Dominick LaCapra (Cornell University). 6 May 2001. Seminar: Reproduction.

‘The Junction Avenue Theatre Company and the Anti-Apartheid Movement in Johannesburg.’ Malcolm Purkey. Five College Artist Residency, in collaboration with Mount Holyoke College. 2 April 2001.