Albie Sachs To Give Lecture at UMass

Called "arguably the world's most famous judge" in The Guardian, the famed South African judge Albie Sachs will give a lecture on September 10 at Umass at 4 p.m. in the new Integrative Learning Center, room south 331. Sachs's lecture will be on "The Value of Values: Lessons from the South African Transformation" and will inaugurate this year's ISI theme, "Value."

Sachs served for many years in the anti-apartheid movement as a leading member of the ANC; he was seriously injured in a car bomb in Mozambique. But far from following the politics of vengeance, he was also a leading figure in the quest for peace and reconciliation. After 1994 he served for a number of years as Justice on the Constitutional Court of South Africa, and he has now been awarded the Tang Prize for his services to human rights and the rule of law. Sachs will accept the honor at the awards reception on September 15, a week after his UMass visit. The award announcement can be found here.