2014 ISI Capstone, "Dimensions of Emancipation"

ISI presented a roundtable discussion featuring fellows of the 2013-14 ISI faculty seminar on Emancipation. The seminar was inspired by the the 150th anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation, and during the year the fellows addressed the general topic from a wide range of approaches across the disciplines. The roundtable aimed to return some of their insights and interactions to a wider audience, as well as to encourage audience participation at the close of another successful and busy year.

The event was held on Thursday, April 24 at 4PM in Bartlett 316, free and open to the public, and all faculty and students were encouraged to attend. 

Seven members of the seminar gave brief presentations on their projects and their own discoveries and questions during the year. Discussion then followed among all the fellows and audience. Topics under review included the following: political and legal institutions; pedagogy; cultural activism; culture and representation; creativity and emancipation; and emancipation and its constraints. The audience members were encouraged to bring their own insights, concerns, issues and questions.