Clingman Gives Mandela Tribute at Faculty Senate

On December 12, 2013, ISI Director Stephen Clingman addressed the Faculty Senate with a tribute to Nelson Mandela. Clingman's tribute recalls his own meeting with Mandela in 1991 and commemorates Mandela's vision of liberation, and his legacy. The full-length tribute can be found here on the Massachusetts Review's website.

Earlier this past summer, Clingman was interviewed by the Hampshire Gazette for the article "South African UMass Professors Reflect on Life of Nelson Mandela." In the article, Clingman describes conversing with Mandela while conducting research for his book Bram Fischer: Afrikaner Revolutionary, about the lawyer and anti-apartheid activist Bram Fischer who defended Mandela. Clingman's recollections about Mandela, as well as those of other South African UMass professors, can be found here.