With its more than one hundred fellows to date, the ISI has hosted some of the most active and successful of our colleagues on campus. In many cases their projects, under development in an ISI seminar, have come to fruition in scholarly or creative arenas. While we do not claim credit for all successes or special recognitions, we are proud to list some of the achievements of our ISI community here.

Steve Tracy Visits China as Chu Tian Scholar

This past winter, current ISI Fellow Steve Tracy journeyed to China on the first of five visits as the Chu Tian Scholar at Central China Normal University in Wuhan. His duties will include teaching two courses per year, delivering lectures, and supervising graduate students, as well as conducting scientific research and promoting the development of African American literature as a disciplinary field.

Former ISI Fellow Lisa Henderson Launches Book

Lisa Henderson (Cultures and Co-Existence, 2002) announces the release of her new book: Love & Money: Queers, Class, & Cultural Production. Henderson, who teaches in the Department of Communication at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, has published in such journals as Signs, Journal of Communication, GLQ, Feminist Media Studies, and Screen.  Her new book argues that we can't understand contemporary queer cultures without looking through the lens of social class. Resisting old divisions between culture and economy, identity and privilege, left and queer, recognition and redistribution, Love & Money offers new approaches to capturing class experience and class form in and around queerness.