Steve Tracy Visits China as Chu Tian Scholar

This past winter, current ISI Fellow Steve Tracy journeyed to China on the first of five visits as the Chu Tian Scholar at Central China Normal University in Wuhan. His duties will include teaching two courses per year, delivering lectures, and supervising graduate students, as well as conducting scientific research and promoting the development of African American literature as a disciplinary field. Tracy was also appointed a Fulbright Senior Specialist and made a six-week Fulbright trip to the University of Konstanz. His recent and forthcoming publications include: 

“The New Negro Renaissance.” In The Cambridge Companion to American Poetry. Ed. Mark Richardson. Forthcoming 2013.

“How Many Light Bulbs Does It Take to Screw in a Blues Singer?” In a new volume on Ralph Ellison to be published by the University Press of Mississippi.

"Harlem Renaissance." In Princeton Encyclopedia of Poetry and Poetics, New edition. Princeton University Press, Fall 2012.

“Without Respect to Gender.” In Langston Hughes: Critical Responses. Ed. R. Baxter Miller. Salem Press, 2012.