Our Sponsors

Bombay Royale

Bombay Royale, a new Indian restaurant in downtown Northampton gives customers a delightful, exotic, vivid experience where they get to try the different variety of dishes. Apart from their regular menu, they provide Daily Lunch Buffet, Weekend Special Buffet, Special Days Buffet, Online Order, Take Outs, Delivery and much more. Do visit them at 52 Crafts Ave. in One Roundhouse Plaza.


DesiOPT.com provides an online employment portal that connects the students to potential employers. Students can register with the DesiOPT portal and have access to Optional Practical Training(OPT), Curricular Practical Training (CPT), Internship Jobs, H-1B Jobs and other types of Jobs. DesiOPT.com is not a Consulting Company nor a Training Institute nor a H1B Sponsor. DesiOPT is not affiliated with any other company. Also, the use of word “Desi” in DesiOPT is purely arbitrary and is not intended to limit the participation to the people of south asian origin. DesiOPT.com is open to people of all national origins.

Neighbor Food Mart (Indian Store)

Neighbor Food Mart is an Indian store that carries all the groceries and commodities which you were used to back home in India. You name it and they have it! At a super convenient location and very affordable prices; Now also giving out coupons to the incoming students of Fall 2016!