University of Massachusetts Amherst

For those of you who are new to Amherst, MA or the New England area we have prepared some information for you about typical weather in Massachusetts during the winter months.  Below is a list of what to expect during the winter in Amherst and how to cope with these conditions.

 Current Amherst Weather Forecast, MA (01002)

  • A heavy winter coat, scarf, gloves/mittens, and a hat are all highly recommended during the winter months.
  • Layer clothes, so that you can adjust to the environment.
  • Be aware of the WIND CHILL FACTOR. With wind chill, the temperature may feel 20 degrees colder.
  • Remember to carry extra lip balm and lotion.  Windburn can be prevented with appropriate care.
  • As a pedestrian, always use extra caution when crossing streets:  drivers’ vision may be impaired when snowing/sleeting.
  • Be aware of BLACK ICE! Use caution when walking on campus and when driving. Black Ice cannot always be seen and is especially slippery when covered with snow.  Be sure to look for it! 
  • If it is snowing, you can check to see if UMass has a delay or is closing due to the weather by checking one of the following sources:
    • call the UMass snowline at (413)545-3630
    • check the main UMass website or the Umass Weather Closing Status website
    • listen to a local radio station (for example, check 88.5 FM)
    • check your local TV station-information regarding school closing will be scrolling alphabetically along the bottom of the screen, look for Umass Amherst
  • Remember that many organizations and activities will also be delayed or canceled due to inclement weather.